4 great binge-watchable fall TV shows


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The fall season brings midterm stress, cold nights, runny noses, colds and above all, a need to curl up in bed and watch Netflix for hours. To supply the ever-increasing demand for quality things to watch on the app (after all, it’s not uncommon to browse Netflix’s selection for hours without ever finding a suitable thing to watch), we at the Clog have curated a list of the best TV shows to watch during this cozy fall season.

“American Horror Story” – season eight

If you haven’t had the chance to catch up with the latest AHS episode, Netflix just dropped the eighth season and we couldn’t be more excited! Expect lots of intriguing mysteries, mind-bending conspiracies and just the right amount of jump scares to get you prepped and ready for Halloween.

“The Chef Show” – season two

Starring the ever-jovial Jon Favreau (director of “Iron Man” and “The Lion King”), the Chef Show’s season two features another round of high-quality food content and fascinating conversations with the culinary world’s finest. This show is just perfect for those late nights when all you want to do is eat a hot bowl of soup while watching chefs do what they do best — cooking meals you could only dream of preparing in your tiny dorm room.

“The Politician”

This new Netflix original is perfect for aspiring Congressmembers (we’re looking at you, political science majors!) who think they’ve got what it takes to make it big. Featuring big stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Lange, this show will surely provide some laughs and much-needed distractions during your study breaks.

“Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”

An oldie but a goodie. Jerry Seinfeld’s show dives deep into the minds of world-famous comedians, with playful exchanges taking place while — you guessed it! — they go in search of coffee in spectacular sports cars. The episodes are witty and engaging, and you’ll surely fall down a deep rabbit hole of binge-watching after you watch your first episode.

We hope you enjoyed this list of the latest and greatest TV shows for the fall season! And remember, while our recommended shows might be unbelievably awesome, you can’t forget to study for your midterms! 

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