Timothée Chalamet red carpet looks as UC Berkeley buildings


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Timothée Chalamet is quickly becoming the best-dressed actor of our generation, and we at the Clog cannot help but notice it seems he has taken some inspiration from our beautiful UC Berkeley campus. Although Timmy could never look as good as UC Berkeley, we commend him for trying. Here is a list of Timothée Chalamet looks that remind us of UC Berkeley buildings.

The Spirit Awards 2018 as Wurster Hall

Here Timothée is rocking a gas station attendant-inspired look designed by Virgil Abloh. Timmy’s look shares the industrial and blocky nature of Wurster Hall. We might even dare to say that they’re the spitting image of each other!

imdb / Creative Commons

Sam Albillo / File

The 2018 Oscars as Li Ka Shing Center

Timmy wore this all-white chic get-up to the 2018 Oscars. He looked sleek and put together just like the snazziest building on campus, Li Ka Shing. Both Timmy’s outfit and Li Ka Shing are made of smooth lines and get us absolutely riled up.

imdb / Creative Commons

Rayanne Piaña / File

GQ 2017 Men of the Year Party as Doe Library

Nothing says Doe Library like a gray preppy suit. The plaid in Timmy’s suit reminds us of the many books that surround us as we study, but in the best way possible. If only we could see Timmy in that suit in the iconic Doe Library.

imdb / Creative Commons

Edwin Cho / File

Beautiful Boy LA Premier as South Hall

Timmy took a risk and wore an all red Louis Vuitton suit and it worked. Unfortunately, unlike Timothée’s suits, our beloved UC Berkeley buildings don’t have that much color, therefore it was an easy decision to compare this suit to the most red building on campus, South Hall.

imdb / Creative Commons

Zainab Ali / File

Unclear as Evans

Even Timothée Chalamet can make mistakes and this outfit was one of them. Luckily it doesn’t seem to have been for a big event, so he dodged a bullet. Since this is Timothée’s ugliest look, it is only fitting to pair it with the eyesore of UC Berkeley, Evans Hall. Do better Timmy, do better.

imdb / Creative Commons

Michaela Swensen / File

We at the Clog cannot wait to see what Timothée Chalamet wears next. Perhaps a C. V. Starr East Asian Library-inspired look next. Love you Timmy <3

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