Which underdog Democratic presidential candidate are you?

Flickr/Creative Commons

We’re approaching the one year mark counting down to the next U.S. presidential election. As we get closer to Election Day, we’re learning more and more about the numerous Democratic candidates vying for their party’s nomination. While candidates like Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are polling as the front-runners, we at the Clog are interested in the underdogs — every great story has one and lucky for us, we have four! Take the quiz below to find out which underdog you are.

  1. Pick a color.
    1. Blue
    2. Green
    3. White
    4. Red
  2. What’s your favorite holiday?
    1. Halloween
    2. Christmas
    3. Fourth of July
    4. Thanksgiving
  3. Choose a career.
    1. Writer
    2. Business Investor
    3. Military Officer
    4. Lawyer
  4. Pick a building.
    1. South Hall
    2. Lawrence Hall of Science
    3. Hearst Gym
    4. Haviland Hall
  5. If you could go to college anywhere besides UC Berkeley, where would you go?
    1. I don’t need a college degree!
    2. An Ivy League school
    3. A college with a focus in business
    4. A small liberal arts school
  6. Which word describes you best?
    1. Unpredictable
    2. Outgoing
    3. Patriotic
    4. Confident
  7. How many kids do you want?
    1. One
    2. Two
    3. Ew, children are parasites. None for me.
    4. Three
  8. What’s your dream vacation destination?
    1. A remote mesa in the American Southwest
    2. Sightseeing cities and urban areas
    3. A warm tropical beach paradise
    4. A secluded lodge in a forest
    1. Marianne Williamson – You’re Marianne Williamson; sure, you haven’t made it into every debate and maybe you never earned a college degree, but you’re a New York Times Best Selling Author and Laura Dern was your roommate at one point in time. It’ll be an uphill battle for you, but through the power of positive thinking (and maybe some crystals), you may just win the hearts and minds of the U.S.
    2. Andrew Yang – You’re Andrew Yang; in the last few months, you’ve made quite a bit of money with your fundraising efforts, and you’re gaining traction (especially on the UC Berkeley campus). We don’t know if you’ll earn the nomination, but what we do know is that Americans love money. With that being said, you wanting to give Americans $1000 monthly for doing nothing at all will surely win over quite a few votes.
    3. Tulsi Gabbard – You’re Tulsi Gabbard; no one loves this country more than you, as you’ve pointed out numerous times that you enlisted after 9/11 because of your quest to fight terror. You’ve gained a lot of attention through your opinions on the Democratic National Committee’s debate requirements, and because of that, you’re even thinking about boycotting the next debate. While this may not be the best idea, we at the Clog appreciate your allusions to our patriotic forefathers!
    4. Steve Bullock – You’re Steve Bullock; no, you’re not distantly related to Academy Award-winning actress, Sandra Bullock, but you are somewhat of a winner in your own right. You’ve served as governor of the great state of Montana, and your moderate nature may be enough to win you the nomination. All you’ve got to do is just find a way to make people remember your name, and then we’re sure you’ll have a shot.

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