A guide to the single shlump: Ways to distract yourself through cuffing season

Pxhere/Creative Commons

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Ever get annoyed seeing the billions of couples holding hands across campus? The sting of being single during cuffing season can leave you feeling bitter and alone. Well, angry cat person no more! Here is a guide for staying sane during your single shlump. Believe me, you can get out of it one way or another — I hope.

Self-reflect to set your day’s intention

I know, I know — it may seem a little granola, but self-reflection is honestly a savior. Taking even just five minutes in the morning to clear your head and ignore your thoughts can be incredibly calming. Self-reflection can contribute to relaxation, with stress-relieving benefits. It can be self-guided or assisted through tapes found online or on Spotify. So take a few minutes, set an intention and focus on yourself, because you are the most important person in your life!

Pick up a hobby, like knitting

The power of distraction is your best friend, and if the overwhelming distractions of school aren’t enough, try picking up a new hobby! I recommend something simple like knitting, not just to prepare yourself to be a future cat enthusiast, but because it’s a fun and portable distraction. You can knit anywhere! In a lecture or on a plane — you name it, and you can knit there. Plus, you can create usable, fun items like beanies for your friends or a scarf for your mom’s birthday. Next time you see a couple holding hands, look down at your partially knitted potholders, and carry on.

Try becoming a plant parent

Trying to fulfill your heart’s void with cats, but your lease won’t allow for animals? Become a plant parent! Plants bring a calming and vibrant aura into any home. The liveliness of a plant will bring breath into your room without a hairy mess and paw prints. You will also find a pleasant distraction in having to take the time to water your plants and watch them sprout into little beauties. Who needs a companion when you can fill your home with plant children — little mess and no compromise needed!

Watch a show on baking

Food is the way to any person’s heart. If you don’t have a significant other to cook for, that doesn’t mean your friends and self won’t appreciate a good batch of cookies. Try replacing that romantic TV show with “The Great British Bake Off.” The light-hearted drama of forgetting an ingredient or baking a cake that came out lumpy will keep you engaged. The accents of the judges will make you feel comforted, and the slow pace of the show will keep you feeling at ease. You can learn some skills and share them with your appreciative friends. Your heart will be filled with love and sugar!

Learn to do something new that’s active

If the above options don’t float your boat, try learning something active like surfing! If you enjoy a good challenge where you are only in control of your actions, check out surfing. You get to be at the beach and take in the healing benefits of water. The ocean is super unpredictable, so you are forced to let go and work with the waves. You’ll get endorphins from exercise, which act as a mood booster. Plus, it’s pretty cool! If you’re afraid of water check out joining an intramural sport, or even something quirky like shuffleboard — just get out there and have fun.

Most importantly, avoid romance at all costs

If you hear a love song, turn it off! If you see a rom-com playing next, switch the channel! Avoid the visual PDA on campus at all costs. If that means you have to walk an extra block to class, wear dark glasses or stare at the ground the whole way — do it. If your friends guilt you into third-wheeling, refuse. And most importantly, focus on you. Right now you are all you need!

That concludes our guide to staying sane through this cuffing season. You can do it, I believe in you! Go forth, love yourself and thrive!

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