Pasta la vista: Where you should go to celebrate National Pasta Day


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Oct. 17 isn’t just an ordinary day — it’s a day devoted to celebrating the most dependable and loved dish of them all: pasta. Pasta is the perfect dish for a nutritious and filling meal, and it doesn’t have to break the bank either. Making pasta at home is always a solid option, but sometimes you feel like treating yourself to a nicer meal, especially during or after your midterm season. From cheap, quick bites to restaurants that offer a slightly more elevated experience, here are some of the most popular pasta spots in Berkeley to check out for National Pasta Day! 

Gypsy’s Trattoria Italiana

Gypsy’s is a longtime favorite of Berkeley. The diverse menu provides many options for students as it caters to many dietary restrictions. From calzones to pastas, customers have endless options to choose from — all of which will leave each customer far from disappointed. Heads up, the line can get really long. I recommend getting your food to go. That way, you can take it home and enjoy it while watching Netflix!

Pasta Bene

Pasta Bene is the perfect restaurant for an affordable meal that isn’t too fast food-like. It has a quieter and calmer atmosphere compared to Gypsy’s, so if you want to go on a date without breaking the bank, definitely give Pasta Bene a try! The portions are generous, and the prices are very affordable. Not to mention, they also offer delicious desserts! 

Luca Cucina Italiana

At Luca Cucina Italiana, you can watch the chefs as they prepare the gnocchi and other pasta noodles. In a way, this acts as entertainment that you can enjoy with your meal — it’s like a dinner and a show! This spot takes pride in that fact that all the dishes on the menu are made in-house, ensuring that you’re served the freshest and most delicious Italian dishes. The most famous dish on the menu is probably the homemade sausages, which can enjoyed with either pasta or bread. 

Belotti Ristorante E Bottega

Belotti offers a warm and intimate environment for its customers with dishes that are simple, delicious and insanely well-executed. The menu is concise, containing homemade dishes that truly highlight every ingredient. The Pappardelle and Agnolotti Di Lidia are probably two of the most popular menu at the restaurant, and rightfully so. Because of its popularity, you do need reservations for Fridays or Saturdays, so make sure to keep that in mind and plan accordingly!

You can never go wrong with pasta. It’s got carbs to help fuel you through this midterm season; if you get a dish with chicken or other meat (most of the dishes have meat), you are also getting a good source of protein! The tomatoes and other vegetables are also there to help energize you. Also, the dishes are usually pretty affordable, which is always a plus.

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