Editors’ Note: Can we get a ‘Go Bears’?

Homecoming season is upon us and it’s time to reflect on why UC Berkeley has truly become our home away from home. Whether this is your first time experiencing the thrill of homecoming or your last year as a Golden Bear, we’re sure UC Berkeley and our tightknit community have made lasting impressions upon your lives. From the time UC Berkeley was founded in 1868 to now, the culture we’ve created as students and community members has been impactful to the city of Berkeley as well.

In this homecoming special issue, we touch on the different aspects of what being a Golden Bear is all about and why our school pride is explosive. Read about unlikely places to feel at home in Berkeley, what songs we wish Cal Band would cover and much more! 

UC Berkeley has truly made its mark in the world and in our lives. There’s really nothing more to say about it than a simple “Go Bears!”

Joyce Cam is the special issues editor. Contact Joyce at [email protected].