From SpongeBob to Charli XCX: Songs Cal Band should cover

Sam Albillo/Staff

Whether you’re a student, professor or faculty member, we’ve all heard the sweet sounds of Cal Band both on and off of campus. Yes, it also counts when it’s your next-door neighbor practicing their trumpet at 3 a.m. The cool thing about UC Berkeley is that no one here believes in closing their windows, not even in the most pervasive of activities — you know what I mean.

Cal Band covers a wide variety of songs, ranging from pop hits to classic rock, all meant to get the crowd pumped up because we all hate it when you go to a game and fall asleep, right? It’s a common issue that we wouldn’t know how to deal with if it wasn’t for Cal Band. The band is the life of the party, so why don’t we spice it up and play some jams that we wouldn’t expect at our games or rallies? For the sake and well-being of the students, give the people what they want, even if it means covering “Jellyfish Jam” from SpongeBob SquarePants. It’s what we deserve. 

To kick this off, we’re gonna start with the classic “Jellyfish Jam” from SpongeBob. Were you deprived of the Nickelodeon cable package and only had access to the Disney Channel as a child? No worries, with only two parts and no lyrics, this jam (yeah, I said it) will rock your game day because you won’t be embarrassed by not knowing the lyrics. We’re still waiting on this song to get the recognition it deserves with a Grammy. SpongeBob was robbed. 

The next song is “Lights Up” by Harry Styles. This eccentric new song release means that it will instantly rejuvenate the crowd in the case that Cal football finds itself in a sticky situation on the field. I guarantee you that as soon as Cal football hears the medley, sweet memories from being a diehard One Direction fan will strike a chord, instantly granting them the energy to make it across that field and score … a goal? A point? I don’t know — I was also a 1D stan in high school. It’s automatically assumed that One Direction fans were not watching or participating in sports, instead we were in our rooms crying because Harry Styles was speculated to be dating Kendall Jenner … Anyway, stream “Lights Up.” 

And now, we’ve got “10/10” by Rex Orange County. Not only is this bop a fresh lead single on Rex’s upcoming album Pony, but it’s also a rating of the Taco Bell you got last weekend at three in the morning.

Cal Band should make it a priority to play all of Brockhampton’s “Saturation” trilogy. Yes, maybe they all contain intense rapping, but I really don’t see how hard it would be to designate mandatory funds to hire the entire Brockhampton group and have them perform at every single game and rally? I think the hardest part would be that we’d probably lose our voices from singing all of Dom’s verse in “TOKYO,” but would that really be the worst thing to happen to us? I mean, we don’t even communicate verbally anymore, that’s what the “Confessions” page on Facebook is for. 

We just can’t forget to give Charli XCX the royalties she deserves with a song off her latest album titled “White Mercedes.” This pop anthem is an ode to modernity with its catchy hook and aesthetically pleasing recording and mastering. Also, we love the album. We love Charli … Please play this; it’s my favorite song … Please.

Wait a minute, I almost left one out! Cal Band, you can’t forget about “Wait a Minute!” by Willow Smith. Groovy, that’s what this sweet tune is. Heard it on Sproul Plaza a while ago and can’t get it out of your head? Well, guess what? Now you’ll have a band version of this song stuck in your head, too! A sick deal if you ask me.

And with a monumental finish, we have “Bambi” from Hippo Campus. This is a real pump-up song that will for sure guarantee a sick homecoming weekend. It’s fun and upbeat chorus will remind you of summer and how much you enjoyed doing absolutely nothing and not having to pay for your groceries. … But it’s all good, cause we’ve only got a few more weeks until Thanksgiving break, anyway! 

If Cal Band covered any of these songs, we’d be guaranteed a win — and if not, at least a good time. 

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