Stripped of self, redone in data: A photo poem

Erin Haar/Staff

Erin Haar / Staff

You manifest just as you dissipate. 

My eyes glued, my head spinning. 

It is too much to keep my gaze from you.

Erin Haar / Staff

I will not disregard your time and place, 

or your power to show the better sides of mine, 

but my fingertips once colliding with yours 

can only scroll through half of that now.

Erin Haar / Staff

Half of you. 

No longer whole. 

You are pixelated, encoded in animosity and mutual care. 

Mutual, because I am too. 

You only see my struggle when I allow.

Erin Haar / Staff

Decoding your mask does not make me immune to my own. 

You cast a forlorn glance my way, 

through secret code and cyberspace. 

I return in privacy. 

To show you my version is irresponsible.

Erin Haar / Staff

So we hide here, patiently, 

waiting for the other to like what they see. 

Stripped of self, 

Redone in data, 

We walk away from our cornerstone.


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