Weekend binge — Let’s acknowledge our love for Bill Hader

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Whether it’s being three hours into a “Saturday Night Live” binge or finishing the newest season of “Barry” because that one friend can’t stop raving about it, many of us have had that moment of realization that we are attracted to Bill Hader. Maybe you’ve been a diehard Stefon fan since day one or maybe Hader’s hotness snuck up on you over the 14 years that you’ve been watching him on the small screen. Either way, it is a completely natural part of life to realize Hader, sideburns and all, is the one you want to bring home to your family. A man who can dance like a robotic version of that one guy in the club yet still be magnetically charismatic — how can you not be into that?

The Television Academy loves him. Finn Wolfhard wanted him to play him. Even John Mulaney can’t hide his adoration for the man. So to show your appreciation for one of the best actors to come out of “SNL,” why not spend a weekend binge-watching some of his most memorable movies.

“The Skeleton Twins”

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After getting over the devastation of Hader leaving “SNL,” audiences were curious what his next move was going to be. What would Stefon go on to next? Would he follow in fellow “SNL” legend and alum Will Ferrell’s footsteps and play iconic comedic roles like Ferrell did in “Elf” and “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”? Would he branch off and lead the next cult comedy television show like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey?

Hader surprised everyone by instead coming out with a small indie film, “The Skeleton Twins,” starring opposite of “SNL” alum Kristen Wiig. Playing a despondant man who reunited with his estranged twin after a failed suicide attempt, Hader wowed critics with his performance. And, naturally, everyone else realized that beneath the sideburns and wacky impressions was a talented dramatic performer.


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Amy Schumer saw it all before we did — she realized Hader’s leading man potential and cast him as her love interest in her breakout film “Trainwreck” way before people started falling for him on “Barry.” This film in which Hader had one of his first leading feature roles, “Trainwreck” revolves around a blunt, free spirit (one could almost say a trainwreck) of a woman (Schumer), who never believed in monogamy or serious relationships before beginning a relationship with a charming sports doctor (Hader). Filled with athlete cameos and a young Pete Davidson, “Trainwreck” is exactly what you get when you mix Schumer with Judd Apatow. Is Schumer basically playing herself? Maybe. Was everyone slightly confused by LeBron James’ hairline? Yes. Does it all just add to the dry charm of the film? Absolutely.

“Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian”

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Let’s preface this: If you’re going to watch the sequel to “Night at the Museum,” you might as well watch the whole “Night at the Museum” trilogy. Who doesn’t love the idea of museum exhibits coming to life at night? But in keeping with the Hader theme, the hit comedy’s sequel, which follows Ben Stiller’s character as he travels with the exhibits to the Smithsonian museums, has a supporting and hilarious role for Hader as the clumsy and cowardly George Armstrong Custer. It’s no Ron Burgundy or Buddy the Elf for Hader to rest his comedic laurels on, but where else are you going to see him sporting strawberry blonde locks and pornstar-esque facial hair?

Maybe you are a lifelong rider of the Bill Hader Appreciation Train or maybe you are just hopping on. Either way, there is no better way to spend the weekend than watching everyone’s favorite sideburn-sporting comedian on his journey of making his way into all of our hearts.

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