A sweet escape: 5 sweet treats to try on Pier 39

wikimedia/Creative Commons

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Located right on the water, Pier 39 is an iconic tourist destination. While there is a multitude of fun shops and restaurants, by far my favorite part is all the amazing treats Pier 39 has to offer! There are so many different kinds of desserts to choose from — you can’t really go wrong with anything. To help you avoid feeling overwhelmed by the endless options, here are some of our favorites to munch on when visiting the pier!

Trish’s Mini Donuts 

Trish’s doughnuts are a must-have when visiting the pier! They are freshly made to order and sprinkled with sugar. The doughnuts are an adorable size, making them the perfect snack to enjoy as you’re exploring the rest of the pier. They’re served in bundles of six, but if you get 36, they come in a souvenir bucket! If you really want to go all out for that ‘gram pic, get the 120 pack that is served in a mini souvenir bathtub!

Dreyer’s Waffle Cones

It’s quite possible that nothing in this world smells as good as the waffles cones at Dreyer’s. As soon as you walk onto the pier, you’ll be overwhelmed with the mouthwateringly sweet smell of the cones in the air. If that isn’t enough to get you into the ice cream shop, the plethora of classic and innovative flavors surely will. Grab a delicious ice cream cone right when you arrive, so you can enjoy it as you continue your journey through the pier. 

Mrs. Fields Cookies

Mrs. Fields Cookies holds a special place in my heart; I always looked forward to receiving these in the mail when the holidays came around, but now I can go and get them fresh whenever I want. Grab a classic warm chocolate chip cookie or branch out and try one of the other delectable flavors. If you’re a cookie cake person, you’re in luck! They have humongous cookie cakes that are perfect for any celebration. But if you don’t think you could take on a whole cookie cake by yourself, you can also just grab a slice to go!

Chocolate Heaven

The name holds true when it comes to this chocolate wonder place. Not only will your sense of smell be overwhelmed as you walk in, but your eyes will be bouncing from one chocolate creation to the next. There’s no shortage of chocolate here — you can find whatever you need to fill your chocolate craving. Although there are many options to choose from, the chocolate is high quality, so you’ll definitely be satisfied with whatever you decide to get. I recommend getting the chocolate covered rice Krispy treats, but you really can’t go wrong with anything in this chocolate heaven! 

Franciscan Crab Restaurant 

This place is a short three-minute walk from Pier 39, but it needs to be mentioned. While upstairs the Franciscan Crab is a nice sit-down restaurant, the downstairs is a to-go counter with lots of yummy, quick bites. But none compare to the fresh beignets that they create. The beignets are fluffy in the middle with a crisp border on the outside, doused in powdered sugar. Served with an amazing sweet cream, they truly melt in your mouth. I thought no beignets could compare to the classic Mickey-shaped ones at Disneyland, but I was mistaken — these are by far the best I’ve ever had. 

No matter where you decide to go, we hope you enjoy whatever treat you choose when visiting Pier 39!

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