5 great Trader Joe’s frozen items for busy college students

Emilia Bulfone/File

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For the busy college student, Trader Joe’s is a godsend. Their prices are affordable, their produce is fresh and best of all, they have a wide array of frozen items that are sure to satisfy every craving you could possibly have. We at the Clog scoured the frozen aisles and have come up with the ultimate list of must-have items. Bonus: All these products are microwave-friendly, so stock up your dorm’s mini-freezer to your heart’s content!

Zucchini spirals

Topping this list are zucchini spirals! For a low-carb version of your favorite spaghetti, these zoodles are a must-try! Combine with one of TJ’s pasta sauces, add some protein and you’ve got yourself a meal.

Organic rainbow cauliflower

This might be one of the most aesthetically pleasing veggies in the world! Whip out your phone and prepare to Instagram these beauties 24/7: The purple, yellow and green florets make the perfect addition to a colorful salad.

Organic fully cooked quinoa

As you might discern from the title, this quinoa comes frozen in packs and is perfect for a last-minute dinner! Throw a packet in the microwave for the ultimate superfood addition to your meals.

Just… grilled chicken strips

While precooked frozen chicken might sound odd, it is the perfect way of including some protein in your meals! Put them in a microwave for two minutes and you’ll have perfectly tender chicken strips!

“Just sauce” turkey bolognese

Last but certainly not least, this turkey in tomato sauce is perfect for adding onto pasta, zoodles or just eating straight from a bowl! Heat it up for a few minutes and prepare to taste the flavors of Italy right in your dorm room!

We hope you enjoyed this list of our favorite TJ’s products! Relying on frozen foods during busy college weeks (or months) is a surefire way of ensuring you’re still getting all your nutrients while getting all your work done. Go to your nearest TJ’s and stock up!

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