6 ways to treat yo’ self this week

Richard Chen/Staff

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It’s been a rough couple of weeks – midterms, power outages, earthquakes and Parents Weekend. We’re sure many of you feel the stress that October brings. As a result, you’re in dire need of something to make you feel better. That is why we at the Clog have made this list, with six ways you can treat yourself this week — because if we had to see our parents, deal with outages and earthquakes while studying for midterms, we’d want to treat ourselves too.

Buy yourself a cupcake
Sugar tastes good and makes you feel better; it’s literally science. So why not spend a few dollars on a nice cupcake or any dessert for that matter and indulge yourself? After the power outage, earthquakes and Parents Weekend, we at the Clog know you deserve this. Also, if you’re like most college students and you’re ballin’ on a budget, a few dollars for some serotonin is worth it. Treat yo’ self!

Go thrifting
Not only are you able to buy clothes or accessories, but you’re doing it in an eco-friendly and financially responsible way when you’re thrifting. Sure, you’re going to see a fair amount of American Youth Soccer Organization jerseys and maybe even a few family reunion T-shirts, but you may find some great items at a fair price that’ll make it easy to treat yourself. Besides, nothing feels quite as good as buying things because, to quote Tom Haverford, “Love fades away. But, things? Things are forever.”

Get a massage at the Claremont Club & Spa
OK, we’re now exiting the realm of ballin’ on a budget, but who cares — the whole point of treat yo’ self is spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need. What’s more baller than taking an Uber to the Claremont Club & Spa and getting a massage? After the stress of midterm season, power outages, earthquakes and having to pretend you don’t go out as often as you do when your parents show up for Parents Weekend, the tension in your neck and back is screaming to be undone by a professional. 

Buy a new pair of headphones
Music is imperative for relaxation and peacefulness, but you don’t want to be the person who just plays their music aloud like you grew up without consequences or respect for literally anyone around you. Buying an expensive, nice pair of headphones is a useful investment where treating yourself transects practicality. Not only can you walk around listening to great quality, crystal clear sound, but you’ll look great and subtly flex on everyone around you with dinky little AirPods. Trust us, nicer headphones will literally eliminate all your stress, make you the happiest person ever, give you a 4.0 and whatever it is you want out of life. 

Buy some extravagant room decor
If you surround yourself with nice things, you’re going to feel better, it’s basically science. So why not treat yourself to some room decor to make your dorm or house or wherever you live feel like a Four Seasons hotel? If you don’t want to treat yourself too much, you can spend a few dollars here or there on succulents or plants, but we at the Clog don’t believe in these half promises. Instead, if you’re going to ball out, ball out completely; that means you’re buying +1000 thread count sheets, custom pillows, cashmere blankets, maybe a topiary of Oski, a Rembrandt painting or whatever floats your boat. Just remember, treat yourself. 

Drop out of UC Berkeley and use your tuition money for a vacation
Now we know this one sounds extreme, which is why we saved it for last, but just imagine. You could be lying on a beach somewhere, feet in the sand, sipping on a drink in a pineapple or something, living an amazing life. Maybe the beach life isn’t for you though, that’s fair — sand can be annoying. What about a ski trip to the Alps? Or a secluded jungle paradise? There are no limits to what you can do with a college tuition, not to mention that life’s short, especially with climate change and the world being on the brink of environmental destruction. Why even get a degree if you could enjoy the last few years galavanting across Europe? 

Take some time to decompress from the craziness of the past couple of weeks. No matter what you decide to do, just remember to treat yo’ self!

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