Quiz: Which soup should you have for dinner tonight?

Pixabay/Creative Commons

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It’s fall — the perfect weather for soups. For a chilly night with friends, some warm broth with breadsticks can be just the way to go. If you don’t know what to eat tonight, take this quiz in order to figure out which soup is the perfect fit for tonight’s meal.

  1. How hungry are you?
    1. The whole universe could fit in my stomach.
    2. To be honest, not all that hungry.
    3. I could use a snack.
    4. I’m always hungry.
  2. How are you feeling?
    1. Stressed!!! There’s so much to do!
    2. Pretty chill, kind of lazy.
    3. Bored, I want to do something fun!
    4. Today was not a good day.
  3. Can you handle your spice?
    1. Spice me up! I can handle anything.
    2. Pepper is good — please don’t give me more than that.
    3. I like my chili and I cannot lie, please spice it up until I cry.
    4. Spice is alright, I’ll take some.
  4. What form of carbohydrates do you prefer in your soup?
    1. Noodles of course — ultimate slurping!
    2. Tortillas — the corn adds flavor!
    3. Carbs?? Soup doesn’t need that, it’s perfect by itself!
    4. Rice makes me happy.
  5. What’s your usual soup base of choice?
    1. Broth! Savory and the perfect richness for a good meal.
    2. Cream — soups like cream of corn are the ultimate comfort.
    3. Lentil — balanced and more substantial, it makes me feel like I’m being healthy!
    4. Vegetable — peas, potatoes and parsnips!
  6. Lastly — what’s your favorite cuisine?
    1. Italian
    2. Chinese
    3. Thai
    4. American
    1. Hot and sour soup! Sour, spicy, the umami flavor profile is just what you need for a cozy night in with some Netflix.
    2. Chicken noodle soup. It’s classic comfort food, and just the pick-me-up you need. Bonus: it boosts your immunity!
    3. Red lentil soup — its healthy, and the rich yet creamy texture makes you feel like you’re having a cheat day, but you’re not!
    4. Cream of mushroom — there’s no hiding it, this one is a full cheat day mood. But who doesn’t need that after a stressful midterm season?

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