Types of reactions felt during an earthquake

Josh Kahen/Staff

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On Oct. 14, Berkeley residents experienced a 4.5 magnitude earthquake. Thankfully, there were no casualties or damages, but students underwent a wide range of emotions. We at the Clog have cataloged the many different reactions UC Berkeley students experienced during the earthquake.

“This is the moment I’ve been waiting for.”

This person was born ready for a situation like this and was prepared with a backpack full of emergency supplies before the earthquake even began. They executed the drop, cover and hold on technique before the tremors even took full form.

“Nothing can stop me.”

This person seems to have taken the “I couldn’t care less” attitude about their schoolwork too seriously. Ain’t no earthquake going to stop them from doing whatever it was they were up to, be it playing pingpong in the lounge, jamming to music in the top bunk or even showering.

“Yay, my first earthquake!”

The funniest reactions came from the freshman residence halls in which out-of-state and international students were excited to have finally experienced their first earthquake. Animated conversations about losing their “earthquake virginity” filled the hallways seconds after the tremors ceased.

“I need to study for my midterm!!!”

And let’s not forget the stressed juniors amid midterm season in the libraries who were annoyed at the earthquake for interrupting their studies. While their fellow studious Bears got under the desks in Main Stacks, they were furiously typing away to make the deadline for their paper.

“Is class going to be canceled again?”

Some of our overly optimistic UC Berkeley students jumped in joy at the prospect of classes being canceled for another day. We’re sorry, Golden Bears.

“What? There was an earthquake?”

Finally, theres always that one person whos so oblivious to everything happening around them that they dont notice the ground shaking beneath their feet. They just continued going about their work and realized what they had missed only when they saw all the earthquake memes on Facebook.

There you have it — the different types of reactions of UC Berkeley students during the earthquake. The next time theres an earthquake, you can relax knowing that this article exists so that you can see if your reaction aligns with any of the ones weve listed above.

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