Different types of parents you’ll run into Homecoming weekend

Illustration of excited Cal parents
Lily Callender/Staff

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If you happened to be wandering the streets of UC Berkeley last weekend, you probably noticed the hordes of parents visiting their young. That’s right, it was the one and only Homecoming game — aka Parents’ Weekend! Let’s raise a glass to those who raised us and talk about the types of parents you’d run into … will you become such a parent one day?

The Academic
We all know a kid that actually enjoys learning about plant cells and would choose it over any other activity. Well, it seems that some things never change in life. We’re talking about the academic parent. The type that excitedly signs up for UC Berkeley’s parent lectures the minute they’re released. The person that would rather go on a tour of the many libraries on campus than even consider stepping foot at Memorial Stadium. This smart parent is rarer to run into, but if you’re trying to study during Homecoming shenanigans, you’ll find them. Chances are they’ll even help you with your homework! They’re always willing to contribute to an academic cause.

The Vicarious One
Ever go home to your parents decked out in more UC Berkeley gear than you knew the store sold? That’s a case we at the Daily Clog would like to call the Vicarious One. Whether this parent went to a different university or opted for something other than higher education, they’re stoked you go to UC Berkeley. They will not hesitate to yell “Go Bears!” if the situation calls for it. If your parent owns a Cal windbreaker or wears their gear at the airport, chances are they fit this category. If you’re looking to find one, just check out the student section of the football game — they most definitely snuck in and have more spirit than the Rally Committee.

The Ex-Frat Star
If you attended a frat party or tailgate on this dazzling game day, you had to have seen that outgoing parent dancing with the masses and oozing confidence. That, my friend, is the ex-frat star. Probably the president of their frat or sorority in their day, this parent refers to college as the best time of their life — forget about your birth. But you know what, kids are a lot. So let them relive their glory days for the weekend, and just sit back and enjoy the show. Trust us, you will be highly entertained.

The Paparazzi Parent
Visiting their child or applying for TMZ, they probably have taken more photos of their child than iCloud can handle. We like to consider this one the Paparazzi Parent. You’ll see them lurking behind their child’s friend group, ready to capture every breath — or in some cases, propped through a window for all the angles. You’ll never be surprised at what length they’ll go to get that shot. At least with this parent, you never have to worry about finding photos of your youth, you’ve got an endless collection posted on Facebook. So strike a pose and get that shot, or tap into your best photobombing skills, you’ve got this!

The Worrywart
Ah yes, there is always the parent that inherently gives you anxiety by just conversing with them. This is the worrywart, and boy, do they wonder about anything and everything. They probably didn’t make it past their child’s apartment, interrogating them about their living conditions, sleep schedule, academic goals, five-year plan and health routine. This parent was probably very stressed out during their academic years, but they want the best — and only the best —  for their child. They believe that organization and determination is the key to success, or whatever else the last TED Talk they watched convinced them of. Don’t fret: you can run into this parent at dinner, in line for the game or worriedly watching their kid from the corner of a tailgate.

If you experienced the middle-aged wave that hit UC Berkeley last weekend, we hope you ran into some of our top picks for parental behavior. If not, don’t worry, there’s always next year!

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