Playlist: It’s midterm season again!

Illustration of a sweater-wearing bear walking, with a coffee cup, through Sproul Plaza and listening to music.
Jessica Doojphibulpol/File

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Midterm season is in full force and won’t be settling down until finals week. In order to help you with the #grind we curated a playlist of songs that are ideal to listen to while studying. We made sure to pick music that was chill enough to focus to, but aren’t too boring or sad that they’ll put you to sleep! So stop listening to your crying playlist and listen to these songs instead! 

“Fever Pitch” — Rainbow Kitten Surprise

This groovy song will keep your spirits high while your motivation is low.

“Since I Left You”– The Avalanches

This song has a great beat and minimal lyrics, which makes it perfect to groove to while you catch-up on readings just in time for the midterm. 

“Walden Pond”– Atta Boy

“Walden Pond” is uplifting and sweet, with lyrics that take the listener back to simpler times before the word midterm was even in their vocabulary. 

“Real Love Baby”– Father John Misty

This song is so wonderful that you might just forget that you’re dying over a problem set and not in a music video!

“Heart It Races (Dr. Dog Version)” – Dr. Dog

This is another funky fresh song that will have your table mates in Moffitt Library wonder why you’re having such a good time studying!

“Hannah Hunt”– Vampire Weekend

This staple of Vampire Weekend’s discography is soothing and beautiful and will get you out of any studying rut. Plus, it has one of the most romantic lyrics ever written in the 21st century: “though we live on the US dollar you and me, we got our own sense of time.” 

Enjoy listening and good luck on your midterms! 

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