Soup-erior food: An ode to soup

Pixabay/Creative Commons

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Soup doesn’t always get the spotlight it deserves. It can feel like an afterthought, just something to have instead of a salad before the main entrée. This is unfair to the wonderful thing that soup can be. There are so many varieties, so much so that there’s a soup out there for anyone to fall in love with. Soup deserves some recognition as a great meal in its own right.

Some days there’s nothing better than a nice bowl of soup. When the weather gets chilly and rainy, soup will make you feel all warm inside. It’s cozy and comforting — two feelings that are great to have during the cold months leading up to finals and winter. A nice warm liquid in your belly is always comforting, even when you’re soaked from the cold rain. It’ll make the cold, rainy days in Berkeley seem a little less dreary and a little more cozy. That’s a good reason in itself to appreciate soup.

Soup is also great when you have a cold. Chicken noodle soup, in particular, is great if you’re sick. It’ll give you the nutrients you need while also not being too hard on a weak stomach. There’s a reason why there’s a connotation of a sick kid getting some chicken noodle soup. It really is a good thing to have and will make you feel better when you’re sick with a cold or the flu. Next time you’re sick, maybe consider getting some chicken noodle soup. You’ll appreciate it.

Funnily enough, most college students already appreciate soup; they just haven’t realized it. One of the most stereotypical foods for a college student to have is considered a soup. This is, of course, ramen, which is probably a staple in many UC Berkeley students’ diets. It can be a quick meal when you don’t want to go through the effort of anything else. It can also be a nice hearty soup that takes some effort but warms the soul. No matter what, this is proof that people may enjoy soup — they just haven’t realized yet.

So here’s to soup. May it always warm our bellies and make us feel a little better. Hopefully, people will continue to go out and enjoy soup, even if they’re not entirely aware that that’s what they’re doing. Maybe you should go out and enjoy some soup for yourself. You’ll enjoy it!

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