Hello Yello electrifies The Regency Ballroom with unique sound, unwavering energy

Brianna Luna/Staff

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Taking their places onstage, the members of Hello Yello stood enveloped in the dim lighting of The Regency Ballroom, with fluorescent beams of blue light projecting over them and onto the crowd. The venue fell quiet in anticipation, unsure of what to expect from artists whose instruments signified a rock band, but whose individual aesthetics — which included bright orange cargo pants and pastel pink beanies — portrayed a more punk image.

The multigenre band Hello Yello, which originated in Oakland, released its debut EP Love Wins in March 2019. Currently on tour with Clairo, the band played at The Regency Ballroom on Oct. 13 and is composed of brothers Dylan (vocals and guitar) and Jaden Wiggins (bass), as well as their friend Martin Rodrigues (drums). 

Immediately after the first chords of “Maybe” ripped across the stage, it was clear that Hello Yello wasn’t a band that could be confined to a single genre. With grunge rock components and a heavy buildup supplied by the band’s drummer and bassist, the song came to a climax as Dylan Wiggins’ powerful vocals punched across the set, reminiscent of Nirvana but with punk influences. This led into an intense moment of guitar shredding, delivered at center stage.

Similarly, Hello Yello’s next song “Sins” built with a steady but fast-paced rhythm and came crashing into a unique realm of punk rock, grunge and alternative rock. Although the lyrics were barely discernible, the music itself conveyed the rebellious attitude that Dylan Wiggins’ proclamation of “I’ll repeat my sins tonight” in the chorus illustrated.

Switching things up, Hello Yello followed with “Feel That Again,” which introduced yet another sound to the set, a sunny and upbeat melody born from angsty rock foundations. The audience members bobbed their heads and swayed to the unique interplay of twanging guitar strings and mellow drum beats, which carried an essence of reggae and hip hop but remained rock ‘n’ roll with the crashing of drums and the catchy chorus, “I wanna feel that again.”

After the song’s performance, a tangible energy had generated in the crowd, and the heavy rock ‘n’ roll sound of “I Don’t Care” that emanated from the artists’ instruments sent the audience into a thrilling and rebellious headspace, screaming out as Dylan Wiggins delivered electrifying guitar riffs and the lyrics, “I don’t f—-ing care at all.” The song demonstrated the cohesion of the band, with Rodrigues crafting a high-energy, punk rock atmosphere on the drums and Jaden Wiggins laying down a solid foundation with his bass and background vocals. This sound generated space for Dylan Wiggins to take center stage and energize the crowd with his vocals, riffs and movements. 

Hello Yello finished up its set with “Without Me,” combining elements of screamo with alt-rock, ultimately demonstrating Hello Yello’s willingness to experiment with different sounds and genres. Screaming out the lyrics, “Without me,” Dylan Wiggins ripped into his guitar fiercely to close the show. 

Although a majority of the audience didn’t know what Hello Yello was before the performance, the group’s energizing music and electric stage presence ultimately won the audience members over, who were left entertained, invigorated and eager to hear more music from the group.

Highlights: “Feel That Again,” “I Don’t Care,” “Without Me”

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