PATH to Care Center announces #WeCare social norms campaign

Vanessa Lim/Staff

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The PATH to Care Center is working with groups across campus, including Bears That CARE and UC Berkeley’s Center for Support and Intervention, to promote positive norms and correct misperceptions about students and staff on campus through the new #WeCare social norms campaign.

The campaign highlights three statistics about bystander intervention, one of which shows that three out of five people would speak up about a sexist joke. The campaign’s information comes from the 2018 My Voice survey, which gathered responses on different forms of violence and harassment from undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and staff.

“The idea is to draw attention to the good things that people do, and by doing that, it empowers other people to do the same things because they realize that it’s normal,” Aly Jarocki, a campus violence prevention and education program coordinator, said.

The campaign will be putting up a series of 27 banners around campus with these three statistics. The organizers will also create more detailed banners in the spring which will be specific to individual population groups.

The #WeCare campaign is also encouraging student groups to conduct surveys with smaller communities on campus. Although the statistics are representative of the overall campus community, smaller and more intact groups might hold slightly different norms, said Liat Wexler, faculty and staff prevention manager at the PATH to Care Center. The more that groups conduct surveys and share the data back to the community, the more accurate coverage there is over campus, Wexler added.

“The most important thing to understand is that … it’s not coming down from the chancellor or dean — it’s really the norms that we as a community say that we hold,” Wexler said. “The idea is to create a culture where people are inspired to (do) what they already believe in.”

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