Falling out of love with hot weather: How to get in a fall mood despite the heat

Illustration of a view outside the windowsill of a home, supporting a pumpkin and showing a tree of orange leaves.
William Bennett/Staff

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The one downside of going to college in beautiful Northern California is that you basically miss out on the most important season — fall. We at the Clog dont want you to miss out on this essential season, so we want to help you recreate the fall experience that East Coasters and other Americans living in a place with real weather get to enjoy.

Dress in a ~fall fit~

A ~fall fit~ consists of a sweater, boots, some sort of corduroy, and if youre feeling absolutely crazy, a scarf. We recommend that if you opt to utilize fall clothing, you stick to air-conditioned buildings on campus such as the Valley Life Sciences Building and the Haas campus, otherwise you risk dying of heatstroke.

Watch “Gossip Girl” or “Gilmore Girls” for the “fall porn”

These two shows are not only universally respected and critically acclaimed, but they also feature a neverending slew of mouth-watering images of fall in New York City and Stars Hollow. Think beautiful autumnal colors and lots of sweaters! Plus, there is the added bonus of seeing hotties Blake Lively, Nate Archibald and Jess Mariano on screen.

Go apple-picking

Flex on your in-state friends and hit up a local apple orchard. Remember to wear a hat and sunscreen, as its a scorcher out there.

Attend a leaf painting party

Check Facebook to find the nearest leaf painting party. These parties are a DIY way to see the leaves change color in our favorite quaint West Coast town, Berkeley. Bonus points if while you paint the leaves, you drink a sweat-inducing fall beverage like a pumpkin spice latte.

Whatever you do, do not take advantage of Californias perpetual warm weather by going to the beach in November. That would disgrace the best season of the year. Good luck surviving this California autumn!

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