Spots across the East Bay to destress from midterms

Sunny Shen/Staff

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After a stressful time with midterms (and PG&E), its time to relax. Be it a chill night at home with friends or a fun day exploring town, we all deserve a little rest after going through all the stress and anxiety that exams give us. If you feel like youve explored Berkeley’s downtown to its fullest, here are some places in Berkeley and the surrounding East Bay that we at the Clog can guarantee are full of chill vibes and fun times.

Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco

On a sunny day, walking along the coast while eating ice cream can instantly make you feel happier. The location of the wharf on the coast and the cute stores make for a stark difference from Berkeleys downtown, making for a quick yet very enjoyable day trip. While there is lots to do at the wharf to let you forget about how stressful life is on campus, its the happy and infectious atmosphere that makes spending time there so fun.

Berkeley Rose Garden, Berkeley

The Berkeley Rose Garden is a park in North Berkeley, filled with picturesque paths and calm green surroundings. The park also has good views of the East Bay and San Francisco, revealing the Golden Gate Bridge. The Rose Garden is particularly beautiful because the caretakers of the park keep the flowers in top form, letting you enjoy them throughout the year.

Mission District, San Francisco

For great food and a day of taking photos around picturesque graffiti walls, hit up the District. With delicious food like your typical American brunch and Mexican cuisine, the Mission is full of trendy food spots. The district is also known for its parades and even more so for its Day of the Dead celebrations, which are coming up soon!

UC Botanical Garden, Berkeley

Like the Rose Garden, the Botanical Garden is full of beautiful paths where you can just let nature do the stress-relieving for you. The Botanical Garden, however, has more plants than flowers and also offers additional activities such as informational tours and classes. Some examples of classes coming up include learning about tea blends, crafting pine needle baskets and painting.

Berkeley Marina, Berkeley

Finally, the Berkeley Marina has a ton of fun activities, making for a good day by the bay. From the Berkeley Meadow to Sea Breeze Market & Deli, there is an unlimited number of things to do. There are also water sports such as paddleboarding, windsurfing and kayaking, perfect for the hot sunny days were still having.

With midterms over and a chance to breathe, we at the Clog hope you get the chance to relax by visiting one of these places!

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