The best teas for whatever life throws at you

Matt Gibson/Staff

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While Berkeley might have recently been experiencing a few days of unfiltered sunlight, it is a sad fact that the cold winter season is fast approaching. There’s no need to fret, however! With colder weather comes Netflix marathons, nights spent making baked treats and, best of all, an increased need for tea! 

If you’ve ever found yourself aimlessly wandering down the supermarket’s tea aisle, overwhelmed by all the choices available to you, this article is for you! Here are the best teas for whatever situation life might throw at you.

When you’re feeling down

There’s nothing like a spicy and invigorating mug of fresh ginger tea to uplift your mood! To prepare, all you need to do is take a fresh ginger root and slice it in 1-2 inch pieces. Choose 4-5 pieces (and freeze the rest for later!) and boil for 15 minutes to extract all its healing properties and delicious flavor. 

When you need to wake up

If you’re in search of some caffeine in a more natural form, green tea is your best bet. Packed full of antioxidants and nutrients, green tea will give you a nice jolt in the morning, similar to your cup of coffee but without the jittery side effects!

When you need to wind down

There have been numerous studies on how chamomile has the power to calm and alleviate built-up tension. Prepare a mug right before bed to enjoy its relaxing capabilities!

When you need to focus

Peppermint has a zingy and uplifting flavor that will leave you feeling centered and ready to take on any challenge. Drink a few mugs during your long study sessions and you’ll feel the benefits of peppermint more than ever!

When you’re feeling sick

Turmeric has an enormous wealth of curative properties: it boosts your metabolism, improves your immune system and helps combat bad bacteria! Make turmeric tea your holy grail during these cold months and you’ll be ready to face anything!

When you want a sweet treat

Chai is spicy, milky, warming and comforting and is best enjoyed after a long and hectic day! The spicy aromas of cloves, cinnamon and black pepper will uplift your mood, with the addition of almond milk (or any milk of your choice) and honey to make this a delectable treat.

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best teas to drink according to whatever situation you might be facing. This winter, be sure to enjoy the benefit of teas to their fullest! Curl up under a bunch of covers, turn on your favorite show and get cozy with a steaming mug of goodness.

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