Board games galore: Victory Point Cafe

Vanessa Lim/Staff

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More than a month ago, my friend and I were walking along Shattuck Avenue, on our way to JotMahal Palace of Indian Cuisine to satisfy our cravings for some rich Indian food. Along the way, we got a little sneak peek into Victory Point Cafe. A part of me felt like ditching the original plan and stepping into Victory Point Cafe instead, with its inviting atmosphere and fun ambiance. While we didnt end up visiting the café that day, Victory Point was definitely next on our list of places to check out. Finally, the two of us paid a visit to the café last weekend!

Even before we stepped foot into the café, it looked extremely welcoming and almost seemed to beckon us inside to have a good time. What attracted us to Victory Point was its vast collection of board games that seem to put Games of Berkeley to shame. Lining each wall are shelves filled with board games from top to bottom of every type imaginable. If you’re indecisive like I am, youll go crazy trying to decide between which of the approximately 750 board games you want to play! We finally settled on the familiar Monopoly and the popular Settlers of Catan, which neither of us knew how to play. To complement our game, we ordered some sandwiches and hot chocolate. I relished my vegetarian sandwich that came with a side of chips; the ideal food to complete a night of relaxation and catching up!

The place was packed with groups, big and small, and people of all ages. We were able to grab an empty table for the two of us, but I’d recommend reserving one in advance if you’re with a larger group. For $7.50 per person for the board games, you can play as many games and stay as long as you wish. You can take advantage of the cheaper happy hour prices during the weekdays!

My friend and I lost track of time and ended up spending over three hours at the cafe! Whether you have two people or 10, Victory Point Cafe is the perfect escape after an exhausting day of classes!

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