Quiz: What mode of transportation are you?

Allen Zeng/Staff

Getting around UC Berkeley’s huge campus can be a challenge. It seems, however, like there are endless ways of getting to and across campus. Answer some basic questions and we’ll tell you which mode of transportation you are most like around campus!

  1. Where is your favorite place to study?
    1. In my dorm
    2. A library
    3. A coffee shop
    4. I don’t study 
  2. What’s your favorite study snack?
    1. Fruit
    2. Protein bar 
    3. Oreos
    4. Chips
  3. Pick a fall drink
    1. Coffee
    2. Tea
    3. Apple cider
    4. Hot cocoa
  4. Pick a travel destination
    1. Bali, Indonesia
    2. Whistler, Canada
    3. Perth, Australia
    4. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  5. What’s your favorite season?
    1. Winter
    2. Fall
    3. Spring
    4. Summer
  6. Pick an activity
    1. Watching a movie
    2. Going on a hike
    3. Skiing
    4. Listening to music
    1. Bike – You’re active and think biking around campus is not only efficient but a great calorie burner.
    2. Bus – You’re the patient one in your friend group — you don’t mind waiting for the bus or running the risk that it may not end up coming at all.
    3. Walk – You like to take your time and be in the moment. A nice stroll to class is more your style.
    4. Electric scooter- You’re more of a thrill-seeker. Not only can you wake up 10 minutes before class starts, but you also get a nice joyride anytime you go around campus.

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