The midterm season holy trinity: 3 people you’ll encounter during midterm season

Hannah Cooper/File

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When midterm season strikes, it feels like a never-ending cycle until dead week. Just when you think you’ve finished your only round of midterms, a few more emerge on your radar, pulling you in for Round 2. With each upcoming midterm comes the endless amounts of studying, numerous coffee cups in your trash can and trips to Moffitt for an attempt at “perfect” solitude. However, midterms also equate to encountering a few individuals who you’ve never seen or spoken to before until now. Here are the people you’re bound to cross paths with every time you take a midterm.

The one who asks you for your study guide the day before the exam

You’ve spent the past week retyping all of your notes and adding only the most important information to your carefully curated study guide. Just as you’re about to call it a day and get a good night’s sleep before the midterm exam, you receive a text asking to share your 15-page study guide. Is it a crime if you leave them on read? Well, maybe if your exam is on philosophy.

The one who finishes early so you have to get up during the exam for them to exit the aisle

You’re halfway into the exam, deep in thought and thinking about the various ways you could go about answering the question you’re on until … you feel a thud on your shoulder and someone’s asking to squeeze past you so they can exit the row because they’ve finished early. However, the row is narrower than you’d like and you have to completely stand up and momentarily put your chair’s attached table down to make room. What was the method you were thinking about using again?

The one who asks a question during the review session that makes you feel like you’re in the wrong class

You were debating for a solid 10 minutes whether to go to the study review session since in your experience, they’ve had a 50/50 chance of actually helping you. After deciding on going, you slowly creep into a cloud of doubt because a guy sitting next to you continuously asks questions that make you pan around the room to see if you’re in the right class.

Midterms challenge you in a variety of ways, ranging from your ability to memorize, analyze and show your understanding of the information. The people you meet during midterm season, however, are truly something else.

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