Best places in Berkeley to get ready for Halloween

Allen Zeng/Staff

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Halloween is the one day that we get to be crazy with our imaginations. From wizards to astronauts, you can be anything you want on this special day! If you’re looking for ways to put together crazy costumes this Halloween, here are some of the best places in Berkeley to find what you’re looking for.

Party Heaven

Party Heaven is the perfect place for Halloween shopping since it’s an actual costume store. If you’re struggling to put a costume together, definitely check this place out because it has numerous full-set costumes at affordable prices. If you need to accessorize your costume, Party Heaven also offers various props, wigs and masks. 

Mars Mercantile

Mars isn’t exactly a costume store, but if you’re dressing up as an ‘80s or ‘90s figure, you have to check this spot out. There’s an eclectic blend of clothes here, so you’ll be able to find whatever you’re looking for. The vintage clothes are also in excellent condition, so you don’t have to toss them out right after Halloween. Instead, you can incorporate them into your everyday attire!

Buffalo Exchange

What’s great about thrift stores is that you can find basically anything you’re looking for at them. Buffalo Exchange is just that and maybe even a little more. Regardless of whatever style or look you’re going for, you’re bound to find something here, whether it may be a particular pair of shoes or jeans. Although it might take some time, there’s a good chance that Buffalo Exchange will have what you’re looking for.

Berkeley Hat Company

The Berkeley Hat Company sells every kind of hat imaginable. From the Mad Hatter’s hat from “Alice in Wonderland” to 18th-century bonnets, you’ll definitely find a hat that meets your costuming needs. Hats can play a big role in costumes, so if you want to incorporate something extra special in your final look, the Berkeley Hat Company is here to help you out.

Far and Few

Far and Few is one of the many beautiful antique stores in Berkeley. It’s a special spot because you can find very unique statement jewelry for your costume. With a variety of antique hats, clothes, shoes and more, Far and Few is surely a spot you should check out if you need some fun accessories for your costume. 

You can really get creative with your costume and be whomever you want on this spooky day! These stores are here to help your imagination become reality. Get creative and have fun!

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