Drink up, witches! 3 nonalcoholic Halloween drinks to enjoy

Pxhere/Creative Commons

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Halloween is here and it’s time for spooky costumes and lots of treats! We at the Clog have created three nonalcoholic beverages for you to serve at this year’s Halloween party (or just make for yourself to enjoy as you watch Halloween movies all night)! Serve these drinks up in Mason jars with fun Halloween straws! Regardless of how you present these drinks, just know that they’ll be super tasty! 

Vampire Blood 

Servings: 1


8 ounces of cranberry juice 

2 ounces of seltzer

1 scoop of raspberry sherbet 


  1. Place 1 big scoop of raspberry sherbet into a glass.
  2. Pour the cranberry juice and seltzer into your glass.
  3. Mix until everything is well incorporated. 

Witch’s Brew 

Servings: 1


6 ounces of grape juice 

4 ounces of sparkling grape cider 

1 scoop of pomegranate sherbet 

Gummy worms for garnish 


  1. Place 1 big scoop of pomegranate sherbet into a glass.
  2. Pour the grape juice and sparkling grape cider into the glass.
  3. Mix the drink with a spoon to ensure that everything is combined.
  4. Add a couple of gummy worms or candy of your choice to the drink. 

Poison Apple

Servings: 1


7 ounces of apple juice 

3 ounces of sparkling apple cider 

1 scoop of lime sherbet 

Apple for garnish 


  1. Place 1 big scoop of lime sherbet into a glass. 
  2. Pour the apple juice and sparkling apple cider into the glass. 
  3. Using a spoon, mix the drink to combine all the ingredients. 
  4. Cut up the apple into small cubes and place a few of them into the glass. 

We hope you have a spooky and safe Halloween while enjoying these fun Halloween-inspired drinks!

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