Let’s talk about Halloween: How to get into the spooky spirit

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Are you trying to squeeze in that last bit of Halloween before the hoards of Christmas décor grace the streets? Here are some of the ways you can get into the spooky spirit and enjoy the last day of October … arguably the best month of the year!

Go to a pumpkin patch

You dont just have to attend for the basic Instagram photos; there are a ton of fun things to do at a pumpkin patch. The hay and pumpkins everywhere give you major fall vibes, and there are always fun little games to play, as well as bouncy houses. Embrace your inner child and join the families for a fun and wholesome experience. It will give you hope for life after college, as well as a laid-back activity to do after a stressful week. So, go have a blast, then come home and carve that pumpkin! Just dont forget to roast the seeds later.

Movies so scary you won’t sleep for days

One of my favorite ways to get hyped for Halloween is by checking out some scary films. Whether going to a theater is your mood or having a Netflix marathon on your couch, scary movies will get your adrenaline pumping without the need to move! Want even more entertainment? Invite an easily spooked friend for a hilarious sideshow of reactions to the jump scares. If you need recommendations, some of my go-to horror films include Dead Silence, The Conjuring, Annabelle and The Ritual.

Check out a haunted house

Many theme parks have exclusive spooky nights that include mazes so scary youll be running through the park. If you and your friends are over the Halloween party scene, check out a haunted night at your local amusement park. You can run around together and get horrified out of your mind. Its fun, I swear! Plus, a bonus is that they usually keep the rides open, so you get the best of both worlds. If you want more of a low-key experience, look in your local paper for neighborhood haunted houses. Theyre usually still pretty scary and either free or cheap. So go out and get spooked in real life!

Check out the Halloween shenanigans around campus

Even though its past Halloweekend, there still will be fun happening around the UC Berkeley campus. There will always be a frat throwing a Halloween party. It may not be the best, but at least everyone will be in costume. If you cant stand the happenings on Piedmont Avenue, stay on the lookout for co-op parties. They are fun and co-ed with typically more artsy vibes. You usually have to pay a small entrance fee, but its worth it. If you want to people-watch, check out the haunted event at Bowles Hall. There is always a line, but youll have plenty of fun observing the partygoers while you wait.

Have a more classic Halloween night

If you prefer to pay homage to your childhood, hand out some candy! A ton of UC Berkeley students are from the Bay Area and typically a few will go home for the night to pass out candy to their neighborhood. Ask your friend to join and bring some sparkling cider while you let the nostalgia kick in. Seeing kids super excited is heart-melting. Trick-or-treating ends pretty early anyway, so you can still do something with friends afterward!

Now you know how to get that last bit of Halloween spirit in before Christmas takes over. We hope you enjoy and have a happy Halloween!!!!

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