Spooky UC Berkeley-themed Halloween costumes to impress your friends

Pixabay/Creative Commons

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Halloween is here and with it comes the most difficult decision of the year — what to dress up as! You must be careful in choosing your Halloween costume because it can make or break how your night goes. You must toe the line between funny and relevant, all the while looking good in your costume. With all that being said, this year we offer our help. For Halloween costumes, we’ve looked to comedian Julio Torres, who has some of the most creative Halloween costume ideas out there. Just check his Twitter or his segment on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” from 2017! Taking inspiration from both Torres and our experience here at UC Berkeley, we have compiled a list of very spooky Halloween costumes for you to chose from.

  1. A GSI, 30 seconds after posing a question to their discussion section that no one has responded to yet (eager eyes, desperately trying to not answer it themselves).
  2. Crossroads’ “Street Tacos.”
  3. A treadmill at the Memorial Stadium Fitness Center.
  4. PG&E. 
  5. A student searching for a 4.0 GPA.
  6. A rat living in Foothill (terrified of being discovered).
  7. A student, who didn’t do the reading, after the professor poses a question to the class about the reading (eyes to the ground, shoulders slumped, praying not to be called on).
  8. A Caffè Strada coffee.
  9. A rescheduled midterm.
  10. “Go Bears!” Interpret as you will. 
  11. A green book or blue book, depending on your preference.

We hope these easily executed costumes help you wow your friends this Halloween! And remember, just because the spooky season is ending doesn’t mean you have to stop being spooky!

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