Finding ‘Reverie’ in Natalia Lvova’s dreamy spiral paintings: Voss Gallery’s ‘Reverie’ exhibit

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From Oct. 26-27, Voss Gallery in the Mission District of San Francisco featured Natalia Lvova’s vibrant, colorful paintings in its experimental space, “[The Down Low],” as part of the “Reverie” pop-up exhibit showcasing her pieces. Voss Gallery, a relative newcomer to the San Francisco art scene, was established in 2019 by Ashley Voss, a local gallerist and arts advocate. The space hosts a variety of modern art genres and styles, from contemporary art to street art to surrealism.

Lvova, a painter who is originally from Russia but now resides in Palo Alto, is known for her uniquely swirly designs and bold patterns. As an artist, she has even patented her own style of painting known as TwiddleART, characterized by her distinctive concentric motifs. 

“Reverie” put the dreamy hues of sunsets and rainbows on full display. One of the pieces, “Weasel,” included an icy blue heart encasing vivid kaleidoscope shapes on a textured shiny black background, while “Tender Passion” portrayed a brownish golden heart filled with fluid waves and multicolored fractals embedded within a dark background. Among her other pieces on display with an amorous theme were “Flame of Love,” a fiery piece blazing with reds, and “Fondness,” a more cool-toned take on affection with a pink heart in the center, shades of amethyst and an eggplant purple backdrop. Heart-shaped pieces made up the significant part of the exhibit and are a popular aspect of Lvova’s portfolio. One can discern the artist’s whimsical style clearly in her shaping of the heart, exaggerating the rounded edges at the top before plunging down into a thin bottom. 

A larger piece titled “Clumsy Bear” was placed in the middle of the downstairs gallery, radiating with color and movement. The pattern was almost like stained glass, a motif that Lvova has drawn inspiration from before in her “New Religion” project with Misha Priem. The piece itself was quite abstract, but through a careful examination, one could see the fanciful figure of a giant bear toppling over. 

The billowing effect of the spirals within Lvova’s work made for a shimmery, unique texture on each canvas, which was mesmerizingly calming. Lvova was also doing a live demonstration of her painting, allowing viewers to see her painting techniques in action. With circular, steady motions, Lvova created smooth patterns of spirals gliding across the canvas. Her process was simultaneously methodical and organic, characterized by steady motions and effortless strokes. 

“Reverie” provided refreshing bursts of color and innovative designs, allowing Lvova’s full repertoire of skills to shine. With her current portfolio and visionary style of art, Lvova has a promising career and range of projects to come. 

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