Ghosts that haunt UC Boo-keley

Leonie Leonida/File

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With Halloween already here, there’s no better time than now to wonder if there might be spirits in our midst. There are plenty of dark corners that ghosts could be hiding in on campus. Who knows if there are any real ones, but with a place as old as UC Berkeley, there’s got to be some specters about. In the spirit of Halloween, here are some possible ghosts that could be haunting UC Berkeley.

The student lost in Dwinelle Hall

Dwinelle can feel like a three-dimensional maze. Sometimes it’s a wonder that anyone can find anything in its winding halls and mismatched floors. It’s easy to imagine that a student could get lost in there and never find their way back out. Eventually, the maze of halls traps the student’s spirit and they’re forever cursed to wander the halls of Dwinelle. If you see someone looking very lost, you should ask them if they need directions — and you might just help free a ghost.

The dancing fossils of the Campanile 

Fun fact about the Campanile: it’s full of fossils. It’s a giant clocktower with rooms upon rooms of bones. It’d make sense, then, that there’d be at least one or two spirits that have stuck around with their bones. Since the Campanile occasionally plays a tune, who’s to say that the spirits don’t pick up their bones and dance along to the music?

The student always in the library

Have you ever noticed the same student that always seems to be sitting in one of the libraries? They’re always in the same corner and you swear it seems like they never leave. If this is the case, you may have noticed a ghost that haunts that library. 


Who knows what strange entity possesses that costume? There might be a real person who wears the costume, but there’s probably more to it. Some entity must give Oski his specific characteristics. Be it an amalgam of the spirits of those who’ve worn the suit or something more malevolent, there has to be something supernatural there.

There may be more spirits hiding throughout campus, but this should be a good starting list. If there’s ever a time for you to run into one of these spooky figures, it’s in October. So, listen carefully to the wind and don’t dismiss that bump in the night — you might just encounter another UC Berkeley specter.

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