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Quiz: Which '80s horror movie villain are you?

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OCTOBER 31, 2019

It’s spooky time, and you know what that means! Time to take a million spooky quizzes to really sync your personality with the Halloween vibes. We at the Clog love enabling things like this, so here’s another quiz for you to take — which ‘80s horror movie villain are you?


  1. What’s your go-to weapon of choice?
    1. A canoe (don’t ask)
    2. Kitchen knives
    3. Nunchucks
    4. A shotgun
  2. Which ‘80s fashion staple do you most resonate with?
    1. Leg warmers
    2. Neon Lycra leotards
    3. Cropped football jerseys
    4. Branded windbreakers
  3. What position do you sleep in at night?
    1. I levitate
    2. On my back
    3. On my stomach
    4. Uh, I don’t sleep at all
  4. You see someone straight-up bite into their ice cream. What’s your reaction?
    1. Use them as your inspiration the next time you get ice cream
    2. Recoil in horror that they’re consuming something other than blood
    3. Recoil in horror that they’re actually ingesting dairy and sugar together
    4. Slap it out of their hand. They don’t deserve it
  5. Which sport would you say you’re the best at?
    1. Archery
    2. Volleyball
    3. Fencing
    4. Basketball
  6. Which horror movie theme song is your favorite?
    1. The spooky piano sequence from “Halloween”
    2. “Ghostbusters” (Please tell us you sang this in your head)
    3. “Psycho,” as it’s such a classic
    4. I can get down to the groovy theme of “The Exorcist” any night
    1. You’re Freddy Krueger! Star of the 1984 movie, “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” you love messing with kids’ dreams and just causing chaos in general. You have big crackhead energy and love slashing up people. Your wit is as sharp as the knives on your glove!
    2.  You’re Pamela Voorhees! Star of the 1980 movie, “Friday the 13th,” you’re definitely a vengeful one. Filled with motherly love, you’ll destroy anyone who gets in your or your loved ones’ way. Use your cute old lady facade to fool your enemies.
    3.  You’re Angela Baker! Star of the 1983 movie, “Sleepaway Camp,” there’s something pretty off about you, and everyone knows. You’re super quiet and relatively nonsuspicious, which lets you get away with just about anything, so we suggest using this to your advantage.
    4.  You’re Jerry Dandrige! Star of the 1985 movie, “Fright Night,” what can we say except that you’re hot as f—. You’re a bloodthirsty vampire who loves decapitating beautiful women and harassing the teenage boy who lives next to you. Props to you, man.


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OCTOBER 31, 2019