Reasons for men’s sports being so much more popular than women’s

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Gender equality has always been a controversial topic, especially in sports. Although it has come a long way, particularly with UNESCO recognizing physical activity and sports as a human right back in 1978, still the debate has not come far enough. Undeniably, women’s sports are not getting enough popularity, especially when compared to their male counterparts. Although there are some exceptions like gymnastics and tennis, on the whole, the popularity these sports get is not popular at all. In this post, we are going to look at some of the reasons why women’s sports are not as popular as men’s. Here are a couple of theories that could be possible responses for the same:

1. Media coverage

Despite the many evolving talents among female athletes, women sports do not receive the same media coverage as men sports, and that raises a lot of questions. Most people believe that if female sports were worthy of more media coverage, they would gladly receive it. But as we all know, that is not the case. Some experts point out that most of our perceptions and opinions of how interesting ladies’ sports usually originate from the media houses themselves. Men’s sports always seem more exciting and have higher coverage, higher-quality commentary, and higher production values. As a result, we only see a small number of female athletes struggling to build their careers in sports.

2. Society misconceptions

It is very true that some society does not welcome or believe in female sports. That means that encouraging views about female sports still have a long way to go until society stops discriminating against females and males. Some individuals still think that ladies are only cut out to take care of their families. Even their conservative mindsets do not permit them to respect women.

3. Physical structure

It’s a no brainer that women have a completely different body structure when compared to men. A woman’s body has a different physical capacity, different stamina, and that might be one of the main reasons why physical capacity appears like a big deal for every athlete, and the body difference is factual and also impossible to ignore.
For every sport that requires strength, speed, and endurance, men will always have a natural physiological advantage. That’s because more testosterone means more muscle.
In general, men are taller and have narrower hips, which are more efficient when it comes to running, and women cannot compete with these advantages because it would not be fair, and it might be dangerous for the ladies as well.

4. The games are different

We all know how men and women play the same sports, by name. However, once you watch both sports being played, you will realize that the two sports are different to a huge extent. If you have watched the NCAA women’s and men’s tournament games, you cannot clearly say that you watched the same sport. In most cases, there are separate teams for men and women, and you cannot play in the same teams because there are different rules, most of which do not apply to the other team.

5. Lack of motivation

Motivation is always crucial to make something unique and better in any field. However, women sports do not get enough motivation when compared to male sports. Government and media always tend to keep their main focus on men’s sports because people wait more eagerly for men’s sports than female sports. Moreover, you will also see discrimination in the awards, as well.

6. Lack of sponsors

By now, we all know that female sports are not as famous as those of men. People normally prefer to watch the more famous ones and hence, a lot of seats are empty when the women’s games are being played. As a result, most sponsors withdrawing their money because they cannot continue investing in games where they cannot even get good profits out of them. That follows by lack of exposure, and ill-fitting venues, among others. It’s more like an egg and chicken situation or a circle. The only thing that can change all that is if the general population shows more interest in women sports.

7. Less remuneration

As we previously discussed, women athletes do not get the right remuneration they deserve, which is another reason which is pulling them back when it comes to sports. Offering a good remuneration will increase interest in female sports. So that time has come, and we should stop discriminating between male and female sports and start remunerating female athletes properly. To get an impression on how tremendous the salary gap in sport really is, take a look at this comparison of male and female athletes which gives you an even better understanding of the structures in male and female sports.

8. Lack of female reporters

According to a recent study, women sports editors and reporters comprise of only 4%. That might be just a theory, but most probably, if the media had more women sports, then the coverage of women sports might be much more. Generally, women will always relate to other women, unlike men, whose main focus is on their favorite sports like soccer.


It’s irrefutable that gender discrimination has been there for ages, and that is also evident in the sports arena where men are normally given importance than women. Female sports are not getting the right support to show their talents, which has a pretty negative impact. What it boils down to is that all of us should collectively do more when it comes to gender equality. We can start by taking an initiative to assist women sports teams by purchasing tickets not only for the games where the men play but also the ones where the ladies play as well. If female sports get the proper coverage, we will see more female personalities at the International level.

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