An open letter to November

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Dear November, 

I can’t tell if I’m drowning in your eyes, your inconsistent outages, your endless stream of work or the evenings that slowly get darker. What I can say for sure is that this month is going to pass by very fast. I just have that feeling. Before we both know it, the chill of December will bring us the gift of final exams. 

Sometimes, I am overwhelmed by the joyous realization that Thanksgiving is soon and people will be able to take a break to just eat and lie in bed. Also, who could forget Komondors on the National Dog Show (everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving Day SPECTACLE)? On other days, I think about all the group projects that have yet to start. 

Your duality can best be illustrated by the literal scalding cup of apple cider that you can get from Free Speech Movement Café. On one hand, the warmth of the cup and aroma of the drink helps melt some of your troubles away. On the other hand, you can never experience the drink itself without risking never being able to taste again. 

Thank you, November, for reminding me of how grateful I am for having wonderful friends that help me get through those hard weeks. Thank you for the sporadic days of cold weather when I can break out my dust-covered sweaters. Thank you for being the best introduction to December.

Although November usually means the beginning of the end of the semester, it surely doesn’t mark the end of studying and long hours stuffed in Doe Memorial Library. Luckily, we have Facebook events for tree lightings and hot chocolate sales to intermittently distract us from our essays and problem sets. 

November, I am thinking I should be cautious with everything this month. The last thing that I need is to get the flu. Maybe I should carry a pack of disinfectant wipes with me. If it rains during the next football game, I’ll probably just stick to getting highlights online. 

One of the great(?) things about you November is the Christmas radio music. It starts off with a subtle “Winter Wonderland.” Eventually, the aisles of grocery stores are decorated with wreaths and fake snow. Christmas lights start to pop up on the edges of rooftops. Then, we all get blindsided by the Hershey’s Kisses rendition of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” on TV. Everyone knows that the holiday spirit has truly permeated when someone’s roommate who never cooks decides to bake cookies and nearly burns the apartment down.  

At the end of the day, I will always love you, and that’s not just because November is my birth month. The name “November” comes from the Latin word for nine, but I like to think of November to mean crispy leaves and warm drinks.


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