Expectation vs. reality: School cancellation edition

Cheyenne Tex/Staff

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For a month with no real breaks for UC Berkeley students, this October has given us quite a few unexpected holidays. Because of the PG&E power outages and the fires afflicting the Bay Area, UC Berkeley decided on a number of occasions to suspend all classes. With all of this newly acquired free time, here’s a list of the expectations you might have had for your break and the realities that actually ended up happening.

Expectation: Your power will go out, and you’ll need to buy ice to keep your food fresh.

Reality: Every single outlet in your apartment still worked. Or, if you lost power, it wasn’t for too long.


Expectation: You will study diligently throughout the days that school is canceled.

Reality: You ended up hanging out with your friends — who also weren’t doing schoolwork.


Expectation: You will catch up on all of your schoolwork.

Reality: You ended up catching up on your sleep.


Expectation: You’ll have a relaxing day to do all of the errands, such as laundry and grocery shopping, that you’ve been putting off because of your studies.

Reality: You’ve never seen the laundry room and Trader Joe’s so crowded.


Expectation: Now that school is canceled, all of your assignments will be pushed back.

Reality: All of your assignments had bCourses submissions, so you could submit them from home.


Expectation: Since you will have the time, you will finally cook that recipe you saw on your Facebook feed.

Reality: You ended up ordering Uber Eats or going out to a restaurant.


Expectation: You will spend the extra time that you’ve been given to review for your imminent midterm exam.

Reality:  You patiently waited for an email from your professor stating that the midterm would be pushed back.


Expectation: Having one day of school off will be enough, and you’ll be ready to get back to school.

Reality: Every day, you secretly hoped that the next day would also be canceled.

No matter how you spent your time off, we hope that the days off haven’t affected your life too much. Here’s to the next email we get from Marc Fisher!

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