BoJack Horseman characters as UC Berkeley majors


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The wait is finally over. On Oct. 25, the first half of BoJack Horseman’s sixth season was released on Netflix, bringing the iconic anthropomorphic horse back to our screens. Following the show’s unique ensemble of characters has given us the opportunity to watch their personalities shine, see them grow and witness how they overcome the errs of their ways. While much of the series revolves around their adulthood, we can’t help but wonder what their lives would look like as UC Berkeley students. Stepping outside of their “Hollywoo” lifestyles, here is what the characters of BoJack Horseman would major in at UC Berkeley.

BoJack Horseman – Theater and performance studies

As an established actor, BoJack is best fit for the theater and performance major. His career has had a couple of major bumps since he first starred in the praised “Horsin’ Around” sitcom, so going back to the theatrical roots of the industry just might be the perfect way of improving his acting skills.

Princess Carolyn – Business administration

Princess Carolyn is a businesswoman at heart, so it’s only fitting that she’d apply for the business administration major at the Haas School of Business. From being an assistant to a talent agent, this pink Persian cat has worked her way up to the CEO position at her very own management agency. Her perseverance and passion for working makes her a shoo-in for Haas.

Diane Nguyen – Media studies

As a talented writer and journalist, Diane Nguyen would be drawn to the media studies major because she’d have the opportunity to learn all about the origins of contemporary media. Her experience at GirlCroosh leaves her unsatisfied because her eye-opening, truth-seeking articles perform negatively compared to the site’s clickbait content. Having the opportunity to learn about anthropology, political science and journalism under the interdisciplinary nature of media studies is just the experience she would yearn for.

Todd Chavez – Music

Having created his very own rock opera, Todd Chavez is perfect for the music major. Although his performance of the opera is sabotaged in the series, as a music major, we hope he would have the chance to produce many more operas to rebuild his reputation among critics. His creativity and ability to consistently think outside of the box are the essential prerequisites needed to come up with the next showstopping musical project.

Mr. Peanutbutter – Psychology

Mr. Peanutbutter, a jovial, kind and people/animal-pleasing Labrador retriever, is consistently concerned about others and their well-being — even when they’re the very people who despise him the most. The psychology path would allow him to hone in his innate counselor persona, allowing him to better understand and console those he encounters.

It’s hard to imagine these characters without their parodied version of Hollywood, but with their intrinsic talents, characteristics and traits, we’re sure they would instantly find their own niche on a campus as large and accepting as UC Berkeley.

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