Grab a glass of milk and get ready, it’s National Hot Sauce Day!

wikimedia/Creative Commons

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Something about hot sauce makes EVERYTHING taste better. Some even swear by weird combos like ice cream and hot sauce. One of the things people tell you to bring before coming into college is a bottle of hot sauce. So, whether you’re a Tapatío aficionado or a Cholula advocate, there is no doubt that hot sauce has changed the way you look at bland food. Here are some foods that will go from zero to 100 real quick, with the help of a little hot sauce.

  1. The dining hall “vegetable medley”
  2. The frozen rice you bought from Trader Joe’s
  3. Ramen of any quality
  4. Peet’s Coffee
  5. The Popeyes chicken sandwich
  6. The tissues left by your roommate after they have been sick for a week
  7. Boba (just the pearls)
  8. Bananas
  9. Pineapple pizza
  10.  Leftover Halloween candy
  11.  The neglected bag of salad you bought a week ago
  12.  The bear claws from Golden Bear Cafe
  13.  The printed copy of your problem set
  14.  Your roommate’s dead succulent
  15.  Your midterm cheat sheet
  16.  The latest Tame Impala release
  17.  Your GPA
  18.  The passive aggressive note your roommate left you about how you never do the dishes
  19.  The love note you will never give your crush
  20.  The flyer that was shoved in your hands on the way to lecture
  21.  Oreos
  22.  Your roommate’s sense of fashion
  23.  The new Air Pods Pro.
  24.  Any post about the CS 61 series
  25.  More hot sauce

If you love hot sauce, today is the day to proclaim it to the world. Flaunt that mini Sriracha hot sauce bottle keychain. Take a couple extra Diablo hot sauce packets from Taco Bell. Live your life to the spiciest today. You’re all at the top of the Scoville Scale, Bears!

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