I’m falling for you, Trader Joe’s: Best fall-themed goodies

Brianna Luna/Staff

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You might be fooled by the heat, but it’s definitely fall! With fall comes many fall treats, from maple streusel bread to pumpkin spice lattes. Lots of stores are joining in on the festivity, especially the Clog’s all time favorite grocery store: Trader Joe’s.

Lucky for us, Trader Joe’s does not hold back when introducing its fall line. It carries a variety of fall goodies that will indeed satisfy your tastebuds and make you fall in love with fall even more! Here are just some of our favorite fall treats from Trader Joe’s. 

Maple Pecan Cookie & Baking Mix 

Sometimes — okay, like all the time — we just want some fresh warm cookies to end our hectic day. Like always, Trader’s Joes has got our back with its Maple Pecan Cookie & Baking Mix! Mmm, our mouths are watering just thinking about it! You’re also able to bake bread with this mix as well ⁠— two in one!

Fall Zucchette Pasta

Spice up the fall festivities with these butternut squash shaped pasta noodles. This can be paired perfectly with Trader Joe’s harvest alfredo sauce, made with pumpkin puree and butternut squash pieces. 

Pumpkin Bisque

The cold hasn’t hit yet, but I promise it will soon. And when it does, you’ll want a warm bowl of Trader Joe’s pumpkin bisque right by your side! Creamy, thick and rich with the flavors of fall, this bisque will keep you cozy through the cold, gloomy days.  

Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese 

Sometimes after a long day of school or work, you’re just way too tired to cook dinner. Thanks to the Trader Joe’s butternut squash microwavable mac and cheese, you don’t need to! The creamy mac and cheese and the flavors of butternut squash complement each other perfectly.  And it doesn’t even taste like it was made in the microwave. — a definite plus!

Apple Cider Jam 

Apple cider jam is a great way for you to spice up your breakfast. Spread it on your pancakes, toast and even your waffles! The flavors of cinnamon, ginger, allspice and apple will tingle your tastebuds as you devour into what seems like an apple tart. 

Maple Ginger Cookie Swirl Ice Cream 

Oh, how I love ice cream and fall! Trader Joe’s maple ginger cookie swirl ice cream is so to die for. With a creamy maple syrup base and chunks of ginger cookie, it’s time to say goodbye to going out this fall to satisfy your ice cream craving and say hello to stuffing your face with ice cream in the comfort of your own home. 

Pumpkin Spice Coffee 

Although buying coffee is only about $5 per cup, it does add up if you’re going quite frequently. If pumpkin spice lattes are your go-to this fall, then Trader Joe’s pumpkin spice coffee is the perfect alternative. 

Thank you Trader Joe’s for providing us with the best fall-themed treats. We’re dreading the day that these are stripped away from us. In the meantime, stock up on your favorite fall goodies and try as many as you can! Happy fall!

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