Guide to saving your Halloween candy

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Halloween has come and gone, but you still might have some candy left. Maybe you grabbed some from a Halloween party or bought some for yourself in celebration. Regardless, if you’re not careful, you may run out soon and that would be a shame. Halloween candy is a nice treat when things are stressful or when you just need a little reward. If you do want to save your candy, here are some tips to make sure it lasts through the rest of the semester.

Keep it out of sight

The best way to not get tempted by your candy stash is to put it somewhere where you’ll rarely see it. That way, it won’t just sit and taunt you all the time. Remember not to completely hide it from yourself because there’s a chance that you’ll forget about it entirely. Instead, keep it in the back of your fridge or in a desk drawer you sometimes open. That way, you’ll occasionally see it as you’re grabbing food —  but you won’t be reminded of it all of the time.

Ration it

Another way to save your candy is to ration it. Only have a little each day so that your stash lasts longer. It’ll require plenty of will power but it’ll keep all your candy from disappearing in only a few days. This is the best way to have a bit of candy everyday and have it last as long as you want. 

Buy some discount Halloween candy 

If you’ve already eaten all your candy or are afraid that you won’t have enough, don’t worry — you can buy more candy from stores. Since it’s after the holiday, there’s a good chance it’ll be discounted or on sale, which is an added bonus. This option is probably one of the easiest ways to get your candy to last a little longer. No will power needed, you just have to remember to go to the store.

Save it for big occasions

Candy is a nice treat after a very stressful or otherwise emotionally taxing day at UC Berkeley. Chances are, you’ll have a few more days like that before the semester’s over. If you only have the candy on the few days where life has got you down, then you’ll have it when you really need. That’s as good a reason to save candy for as any.

Feel free to use any or all of these tips to help make sure you still have candy when you want it. It might be unhealthy, but if you have a large sweet tooth (or sour tooth) it can be nice. So remember to treat yourself every once in awhile and enjoy your spoils from the spookiest holiday.

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