Hello, early moon

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Perhaps it’s just me, but I will miss you dearly. The third day of November has just passed and in return it has quieted your light. Your glorious glimmers in the late evening are no longer here to warm us. The darkness is creeping in earlier and earlier. We can feel the bitter bite of your absence. Why, oh why, must the day silence the length of your shine? 

I know you are here for 10 hours each day, so you may read this as a bit dramatic. But 10 hours of you is not enough time for a lot of us! I mean, you have so much going for you that the rest of us benefit from. Namely, you are hot. Yes, Sun, you are hot! And while that may sound superficial, your objective hotness is something that many of us find joy in. Because you are so hot, you radiate a sort of warmth and comfort that brings some of us deep pleasure. You are radiant and your rays are so beautiful they are considered dangerous to the eye. So not only are you hot, but you are bright and full of inner light. 

Now we see you kiss the horizon at 5 p.m., leaving us 14 hours of the night sky. You will be missed, and I suppose all we can do at this point is say a sweet goodbye.

As we wish you farewell, we must welcome your friend, Moon. Moon will take a greater presence in your time of absence and we must receive her with open arms. While she does not radiate in the same ways that you do, Sun, she shines bright too. The chill and gloom the nights often bring will be countered by the glow of her modest glory. Moon will transform with every night — and each month, we will be graced with her fullness longer than in the summer months. In your shortened moments, we shall find the light, the warmth, in Moon.

It hurts to see you set so early Sun, but I know that you will be back. Summer has officially left us, and it is now time to say hello to the late fall and winter months. I respect Moon and understand that she will be as brilliant as you in her lengthened time. 

Until March 2020,

A sunshine-loving Daily Clogger

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