Ho, ho, oh no: How to avoid Christmas

Wikimedia/Creative Commons

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Even though it’s the beginning of November, Christmas is creeping up on us all – as Christmas lights and music are already making an appearance. You’d think Thanksgiving would be enough of a buffer for people before they get into the Christmas spirit. Sadly, it looks like the holiday that can act as a buffer to Christmas is Halloween — and that has already passed. If you’d rather not be inundated with Christmas already, here are some tips for avoiding it.

Don’t go into shops (when you can help it)

Shops are usually the first places to get into the holiday spirit. There are probably some shops that’ve already put their Christmas playlist on loop, making a lot of stores the worst places to go if you want to avoid any reminders that Christmas is coming up. So try to not go into stores, if it can be helped. If you have no choice, wear some earbuds and listen to your own music when you head in, so you don’t have to hear whatever holiday playlist is on.

Appreciate fall things

If you really don’t want it to feel like Christmas yet, just relish in fall. Christmas is usually associated with winter and winter related things, so a good way to forget about Christmas is to relish in a completely different type of season. Enjoy your pumpkin spice latte, appreciate some fall colors or do whatever else makes you feel like it’s fall. Doing so will put Christmas completely out of your mind. 

Tell your friends

Sometimes it’s your friends are the ones shoving Christmas in your face. They don’t mean to annoy you — they just really like their ugly Christmas sweaters, gingerbread cookies and celebrating the holiday as soon as they can. The best way to avoid being suffocated by the Christmas spirit is to tell this type of friend that you’d rather not be swarmed with Christmas stuff quite yet. Chances are, they’ll understand and tone it down a little.

Avoid gingerbread, peppermint and other Christmas foods

The taste and smell of certain foods will make you remember Christmas from your childhood. At the very least, it’ll make you feel like it’s Christmas again. If that’s exactly what you want to avoid, give any food or drinks that remind you of the holiday a wide berth. There are probably some specific ones for you, but gingerbread, peppermint and eggnog are some general things to avoid if you’re unsure.

All of this isn’t to say that the holiday or the Christmas season are bad. It can be nice to enjoy the comforts and wonder of the holidays, but it’s also perfectly fine to think it’s a little too early for all of it to be starting up. Hopefully these tips will help you approach the holiday season the way you want to.  

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