Quiz: Which dining hall are you?

Lisi Ludwig/Staff

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As a UC Berkeley student, or even just a human being, we’re sure you’re constantly plagued by questions regarding your existence: Do I matter? Is any of this real? Does my voice really sound like that? We’re sure you’ve even asked yourself, “If I were a UC Berkeley dining hall, which one would I be?” Well, now you can figure it out! And by the way, yes, your voice does actually sound like that — but it’s okay, we’re all flawed in some way.

  1. Describe yourself in one word.
    1. Outdoorsy
    2. Cold-hearted
    3. Comfortable
    4. Confident
  2. Choose a Cal Dining food.
    1. Sugar cookie
    2. Oatmeal
    3. Vegan chicken tenders
    4. Flourless chocolate torte
  3. Pick a famous person to eat with at a Cal Dining location.
    1. Davy Crockett
    2. Elon Musk
    3. Brenda Song
    4. Lana Del Rey
  4. Choose a dietary restriction.
    1. Vegetarian
    2. Lactose intolerance
    3. Halal
    4. Gluten free
  5. Pick a place to vacation.
    1. Ski lodge in Switzerland
    2. Sightseeing in New York City
    3. Staycation at home
    4. Golf resort in Palm Springs
  6. Choose a Berkeley Coffee Shop.
    1. 1951 Coffee Company
    2. Romeo’s
    3. Cafe Milano
    4. Caffe Strada
  7. What would your last meal on earth be?
    1. Baked Alaska
    2. Lunchables
    3. Cheeseburger with fries and a shake
    4. Anything from Nobu or Sugarfish
    1. Foothill – You’re the Foothill dining hall. You’re remote, woodsy and reminiscent of summer camp and youth. You’re probably into things like sports or adventures which can be cool in moderation, but we really don’t need to hear about your last trip to Tahoe or the national parks you’re just dying to go to.
    2. Crossroads – You’re Crossroads — you’re devoid of color and you look like a cafeteria. While you have a lot of different sides to you, we at the Clog don’t consider you two-faced, just that you’re able to make friends with anyone and you’ll probably talk about them behind their back! Even though you’re a little cold, you have a lot to offer. Without people like you, the universe would implode on itself.
    3. Cafe 3 – You’re Cafe 3; while your food may be kind of meh, you’re a homey, welcoming environment — reminiscent of a Fresh Choice or some other family food court restaurant from the early 2000s. You’re also pretty flexible when it comes to dealing with dietary restrictions and you have a lot to offer.
    4. Clark Kerr – You’re Clark Kerr; you’re pretty solid when it comes to food. Even though you’re not the most accommodating to other people’s dietary restrictions, we’re sure that under that judgmental, probably wealthy, exterior, you’re just like everyone else — but maybe a little bit worse. That’s okay though, everyone sucks!

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