Residents at Christian Hall experience water leakage

Maddie Fruman/Staff

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Unit 1 Christian Hall residents experienced a water leakage Saturday, according to a video posted on the Overheard at UC Berkeley Facebook page.

The video shows water dripping from the ceiling onto the ground floor of the UC Berkeley residence hall. According to campus spokesperson Adam Ratliff, the flood occurred because of a backed-up shower drain and impacted six places within the hall, including three study rooms and the lobby. In a Facebook message, campus freshman Maryam Kazi added that the water specifically came from the third floor.

“One of my friends fb messaged me and told me that there was a lot of water coming down from the ceiling,”  said Aaron Hill, campus freshman and resident of Christian Hall. “At first I thought he was overreacting. … but in reality, there was just a big puddle on the ground floor.”

Residents of Christian Hall, including campus freshman Amira Chou, noted that they were not able to use the study rooms on their floor, as the furniture in the room had been covered to prevent them from getting wetter.

Kazi posted a video of the incident about 5:30 p.m. that day and mentioned that she was not sure how long the flooding lasted, but she believes that water had stopped falling after an hour had passed.

Immediate action was taken to repair the floor and assess the situation, according to Ratliff. The area was cleaned up by restoration services that same day, while the “damaged flooring was removed and dehumidifiers were staged for drying.”

Kazi added that the carpets in the suite where the pipe burst were removed and replaced Sunday. Meanwhile, maintenance had placed dryers on each of the affected floors.

“Future repairs will be made shortly,” Ratliff said in an email. “We will have more details soon.”

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