Adventure awaits: Our favorite international winter break destinations

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Approaching the end of the semester brings a flooding desire to flee all responsibilities … but youre in luck because were just a few weeks away from a little month of freedom! Thats right — its almost winter break, and if youre anything like me, youre looking to fly far, far away. International travel can seem unrealistic and daunting, but we at the Clog believe that with a little help from online flight trackers, it is possible to make an international trip affordable. So, before flight prices start to rise, here are a few of the Clogs recommendations for international winter break destinations.


Although it may be a bit chilly at this time of year, Japan is a great place to go exploring. If youve felt in a rut of boredom this semester, the high energy streets of Tokyo are for you! Theres an endless amount of activities, from Mario Karting around the city, trying not to get run over at the busiest crosswalk in the world to a crazy virtual experience at the unique digital museum. There are plenty of booming shopping areas like the Harajuku district, as well as stunning historical sites such as the Imperial Palace. If youre looking for a more calming place, Kyoto is only a train ride away. There is something for everyone in this stunning country — just remember to bring a warm jacket.


If youre looking for a warmer and more affordable vacation spot, Thailand might just be the place for you. Experience the bustling streets of Bangkok if youre looking for nightlife or check out exciting places like the floating food market. If you want a more calming environment, check out the island of Phuket. Thailand is the home to many stunning islands that will take your breath away, and it also happens to be one of the most affordable destinations you can find. In addition, Thailand is home to stunning temples and historical sites such as the intricate Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya that will give you a deeper appreciation of the country. The wide variety of opportunities and affordable prices makes Thailand a must-visit on any vacation list.


If you want to leave the country without crossing waters, look no farther than good old Canada. The city of Vancouver is home to fantastic sites such as Stanley Park, in addition to exciting events like the Canucks ice hockey games. You can wander around the city for hours and stop in a pub for some friendly conversation with locals. If you want a more European ambiance, fly over to the delightful city of Montréal, Canada. Although farther than Vancouver, you can experience the lovely, French-inspired architecture without flying all the way to Europe. So pack your warmest attire and get hyped, as Canada is calling your name. Just dont forget to try some maple fudge before you head back because its oh-so-good.


Thinking of a white Christmas and cozy cottages? Consider the Emerald Isle. This charming country offers tourists a homey feel that will keep your Christmas spirit alive long past the 25th. Dublin is your one-stop-shop for pubs and chummy nightlife that will leave you in a chipper mood. You can head out of the city to enjoy the historical green sites and castles covered in lovely blankets of white snow. Get acquainted with reading for fun again by stopping by the stunning library at Trinity College. Youll get to experience a comfy winter feel no matter which Irish city you visit. Plus, its one of the cheapest European cities to fly to from California.

I hope you have a few more places on your radar for your long-awaited winter vacation. Now, just chug on through the final few weeks of school and then hop on the next flight out of here!

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