The Clog’s power ranking of dining halls

Kristen Tamsil/Staff

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When it comes to the UC Berkeley dining halls, it seems like everyone has a different opinion on which one is the best. Luckily for you, we at the Clog are here to put all the rumors to rest and tell the world which dining hall truly comes out on top. There are a number of factors that went into this decision, but we are confident that this is the most accurate ranking of the dining halls.

1. Crossroads 

Today is the day that Crossroads dining hall stops being overlooked. It offers the most options by far, as it caters to all dietary restrictions. The highlight of Crossroads is its recent addition of the Bear Fit Station, an allergen and gluten-free station that boasts a plethora of healthy options. In addition to this made to order health bar, the salad bar and late-night snacks also make Croads stand out among the rest. 

2. Foothill 

While Foothill can sometimes be forgotten as it is not in the best location, it makes up for it with its high-quality food and beautiful view. With the perfect amount of choices for everyone, Foothill is definitely less overwhelming compared to Crossroads. The selection at Foothill is always unique and the staff isn’t stingy with their portions like some of the other dining halls. Another great feature of Foothill is the TV room where you can enjoy your meal on the couches, as you catch up on all the TV you missed while you were studying.

3. Café 3 

Coming out in third, Café 3’s food is fine, and overall it’s just an average dining hall. Being the closest to campus, Café 3 seems like the ideal place to run to in between classes, but it constantly seems to miss the mark. Café 3 doesn’t offer anything special, as the food is of average quality. The lines tend to be quite long, and the space is set up in an odd way, making it seem very separated. Combinations of rice and chicken are a familiar sight for those who frequent Café 3. If you’re looking for some unique options, look the other way. 

4. Clark Kerr 

The Clark Kerr dining hall is overrated — yes, we said it. Its beautiful setting is no longer enough to keep Clark Kerr at the top of the list. Like many people, we would take good food and healthy options over a spacious patio any day. Most nights, there are only four things to choose from, and not one of them is by any means healthy. How fast Clark Kerr runs out of those four options is even worse. Another travesty is that the cereal bar isn’t open all day like the other dining halls. Let’s just say that Clark Kerr has a lot of work to do if it wants to get back on top of this list. 

Each dining location has its ups and downs, but we hope this helps you the next time you’re choosing which dining hall to head to for your next meal.

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