‘Tis not the season to be cuffing

Jazmine Solorzano/Staff

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With the winter months coming closer, cuffing season has begun. As the days get colder, and the nights more lonely, we naturally look to fill this void through emotional attachments and physical companionship. Lo and behold, cuffing season reveals itself once more. While it makes sense that the fuzzy feelings and emotional warmth you get from relationships would seemingly quench the craving for companionship, cuffing oneself romantically is a lot of work. Be it for the season or for the long run, satisfying an inherent and seasonal need for the coziness and feelings brought by intimacy is unreasonable when considering all of the other options. To help all the wholesome people in need of some cozy vibes without the maintenance of a relationship, we at the Clog are here to help with this list of alternative options to cuffing season.

Hot chocolate

Simply put, hot chocolate is the answer to everything. With flavors ranging from orange to peppermint, there’s a hot cocoa drink for everyone. Better still, it’s the perfect pick-me-up after a long day and reliably never leaves your side. Personally, we at the Clog believe that hot chocolate is the only significant other you really need.


Truly, can anything give you those wholesome vibes as much as a rom-com can? From a cheesy comedy to an action-packed thriller, Netflix lets you escape from the stress of academics and other campus-related drama better than anything else. A cozy night in with a fort of blankets and a bowl of popcorn makes for ideal relaxation. After all, movie nights have infinite benefits whether you go at it with a group of friends or simply enjoy it alone, making for a happy Bear on a cold winter’s night.

Ugly sweaters

While sweaters are a given on any cold day, there’s a special sense of giddiness that comes with wearing a very hideous article of clothing that is unique. The more unattractive and comedically ugly the sweater, the more inexplicably happy you get. Whether it’s a festive and fluffy turtleneck or a giant unsightly meme, there’s a simple joy in the ugly sweater that makes you feel as though you’re wrapped in a hug all the time. Honestly, who needs socializing and human embrace when you can just wrap yourself in thick wool and stripes?

Freshly baked goods

Much like hot chocolate, there’s something about a freshly baked loaf of bread or pastry that gives you unique, lightheaded happiness. Baking these goods in particular fills you with that pride for yourself that comes so rarely otherwise, as you acknowledge your success in having developed a new skill. Be it a simple white loaf of bread or a complex homemade quiche, a yummy baked good is pleasure in its purest form.

With all of the comfy vibes and different kinds of happiness the simple pleasures in life give you, cuffing season just became overrated. Cozy it up, Bears!

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