Worth the hype? An honest review of Popeyes’ sandwich

Wikimedia/Creative Commons

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It’s back! After completely selling out from its initial August release, the coveted Popeyes chicken sandwich finally made a return on Nov. 3. When the day came, I headed to Popeyes to see if the two-month wait was really worth it. After trying the sandwich for myself, I came up with a few pros and cons for one of the most hyped fast food item of the year.

Con: Long line

When I strolled into my nearest Popeyes location, I was surprised to see a line that lingered outside the door. I had arrived in the late afternoon, and there was already what looked like 15 people in front of me. That’s not even including the people who were waiting inside the small restaurant space for their orders. The physical waiting in line for the sandwich, combined with the nationwide wait for its restocking, has to unfortunately be factored into the overall experience. After all, fast food is expected to be fast.

Pro: Taste

The sandwich is pretty tasty, but I wouldn’t say to the level that merited the uproar that ensued. I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich, which is a fairly simple sandwich that includes the chicken, pickles, sauce and bread buns. The sauce won’t burn your tongue off and is, in fact, pretty mild. That being said, it didn’t leave a memorable enough taste in my mouth to make me want to go back, especially since it’s a 30-minute bus ride from Sproul Plaza.

Pro: Marketing

Popeyes’ marketing campaigns are quite ingenious — we’ll give props to that. Had it not been for the power of social media and digital marketing, the craze for this chicken sandwich wouldn’t have been half as intense. Popeyes even decided to release the chicken sandwiches on a Sunday of all days to really emphasize the fact that its competitor Chick-fil-A is closed on that very day. Popeyes seems to really want beef — or should we say chicken?

Con: Hype

To be completely honest, after having tasted the sandwich for myself, the hype was not justified. Sure, the sandwich was good, but it was not worth waiting in line for or eliciting intense feelings over. At the end of the day, if you go out to taste the experience for yourself, remember that it’s a decent sandwich, but nothing that’ll make your mouth water.

With that being said, you should definitely go and try the sandwich out for yourself once the lines start to dwindle and the hype dies down. This will truly improve your dining experience. Ever since The Bird left Berkeley, UC Berkeley students have been seeking out a way to get their chicken sandwich fix. This just might be the solution to your cravings if you are willing to put in the time for it!

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