Matt and Kim have been having fun for the last decade, they want everyone to join in


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Every so often, there comes a song that you hear and immediately know it is going to be a perennial hit, a song that defines a specific era of your life but is still a feel-good bop no matter when or where you’re hearing it. There have been many songs like this throughout the centuries, but in 2009, that song was Brooklyn duo Matt and Kim’s “Daylight.” Amid the Black Eyed Peas and Owl City songs that flooded the charts in the early 2000s, “Daylight” became a sleeper hit that launched the indie duo into fame.

More than half a decade before releasing “Daylight” from their studio album Grand, the eponymous duo met at college and quickly became inseparable. Shortly after graduating, Matt and Kim began picking up the keyboard and drums, respectively, and released their first studio album — aptly titled Matt & Kim — which garnered the band enough popularity to play at Lollapalooza in 2007.

After recording at Matt’s childhood house for seven months, Matt and Kim released their second studio album Grand in 2009, featuring “Daylight” as the lead single that would later be featured in countless TV shows and video games, as well as lead the duo to perform on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and at Coachella that year. Now, four more albums and a multitude of tours and festivals later, they are on their Grand 10-year anniversary tour, celebrating the album’s decennary in the best way possible.

The tour made its way to San Francisco on Nov. 4 — although initially scheduled at The Warfield Theatre, the show moved to The Regency Ballroom. Jumping onto the stage with “Daylight,” the duo set the bar high for the energy of the evening and, throughout the night, consistently raised that bar higher and higher. As blow-up doll versions of the duo floated around the audience like crowd surfers, the audience was shaking the floor of The Regency Ballroom all night, as the duo played through the entire Grand album and other favorite hits.

Listening to the duo on Spotify, Matt and Kim’s music is easily categorized as upbeat indie electro-pop. Yet, going to their concert in person is more aligned with the cocaine-fueled energy of a rave — early on, Matt and Kim encouraged anyone who wanted to mosh to form a mosh pit in the front of the venue. Never a dull moment throughout the concert, the duo was game for anything — Matt shot confetti guns, Kim flashed the crowd, and at one point, the duo came out with hilariously large dildos and swung them around. In the best way, the concert felt like a Hot Topic store come to life, and the audience was here for it.

As chaotically energetic as the songs were, the best part of the concert was when Matt and Kim took a pause from their set to show a slideshow of photos of the couple while they were recording the Grand album in Vermont. They made fun of the then-baby-faced duo, as Matt commented on the kid in the photos who “did not know how to f—,” and Kim laughed about how stifled she felt after not having sex for months while they stayed at Matt’s childhood home. The banter between the two felt familiar, as if the audience was just a group of friends over a chill night to gab and laugh over old family photos. It was a celebration of how far they had come, but also how far Matt and Kim have yet to go.

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