Weekend binge — Hollywood circle jerk

20th Century Fox/Courtesy
20th Century Fox/Courtesy

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With fall quickly transitioning into winter, although you probably wouldn’t be able to tell in California, Oscar season is ramping up. All of the studios are releasing their critically acclaimed heavy hitters, usually period pieces or dramatic films about the minority experience, in the hopes of getting that elusive golden man. Even Netflix is trying to get in the game — if you haven’t already seen from Timothée Chalamet’s bowl cut being aggressively touted on its website.

All of those indie darling and auteur masterpieces you’ve heard ravings about from film festivals are coming to theaters, and Hollywood is salivating at its time to shine. In honor of awards season, a period of time exclusively created by Hollywood for Hollywood to celebrate Hollywood, why not have a marathon of movies about Hollywood?

“The Player”

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A 1990s classic about Hollywood elites made by Hollywood elites and featuring a cast of Hollywood elites with cameos by other Hollywood elites, “The Player” is a meta-dark comedy about a hotshot studio executive who is stalked by a disgruntled writer. Based on a novel of the same name, the film is a Hollywood circle jerk to the extreme, and Hollywood definitely ate it up when it premiered. Despite its modest box office success, “The Player” went on to be nominated for three Academy Awards and won two Golden Globes for best film and actor. The film is a veritable who’s who of Hollywood in the ‘90s, featuring over 60 celebrity cameos.

“The TV Set”

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“We need a feature film about the creation of a television show” is a plea cried out by maybe a solid handful of people out there, but Hollywood heard this niche cry and made it happen. 2006’s “The TV Set” is all about a budding showrunner trying to create his pilot under the heavy supervision of a major network while attempting to maintain his creative vision. Featuring a post-”The X-Files” but pre-“Californication” David Duchovny, a post-“Fantastic Four” but pre-“Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” Ioan Gruffudd, an eternally iconic Sigourney Weaver and a forever typecasted Judy Greer, “The TV Set” is actually a decently accurate glimpse into the messy, bureaucratic process of the small screen. Even if you are more into movies about movies, those who love a good Hollywood circle jerk will still appreciate the sets and behind-the-scenes aspect of the movie.

“The Disaster Artist”

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The pathway of creating an indie film is always so different than that of a studio production — there are no studio executives greenlighting a script, there is no high-production-value budget, it’s just a group of people with cameras, artistic vision and the financial capability to fund a small film. Imagine all that, but the film is very, very poorly made and confusingly written by a man with a vague Eastern European accent.“The Disaster Artist” is the fictionalized version of the making of the iconic Tommy Wiseau masterpiece “The Room.”

The film features James Franco as the lead, who came under scrutiny shortly after this film premiered when allegations of sexual misconduct rose up against the art kid turned actor. A film about the making of an indie film is already enough of a circle jerk, but a film about the making of the indie film universally deemed as the worst movie ever made? Somewhere out there a Hollywood executive is still nutting over the very idea.

And you can nut too, by watching this trio of Hollywood circle jerk movies this weekend to get ready for awards season!

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