Hong Kong: A hub of food, culture

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Editor’s Note: We do acknowledge the protests in Hong Kong. This blog article is meant to offer a look into it as a travel destination as seen through the writer, a local of Hong Kong. Please refer to our news article about an exposition highlighting the political crisis in the area.

A small city in southeast China, Hong Kong has been through a lot. From being the object in an elongated game of pass between China, Japan and England, to the Umbrella Revolution only a few years ago. While its long history does make for a confusing tale, the mixture of countries that forms this small population has led to a wealth of international culture, making it one of the most multicultural places in the world. Filled to the brim with not only cultural sites, but fantastic food, the following list forms a one-day tour of Hong Kong that summarizes both.

Early morning shopping and breakfast along Victoria Harbour

Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, a walk along Victoria Harbour reveals Hong Kong’s identity as a true metropolis, illustrating a breathtaking skyline during night or day. Nearby, the crowd surrounding Harbour City Mall is a sight to behold, with its numerous floors packed full of designer brands from Gucci to Ed Hardy.

A short walking distance away, Liang Liang Noodles does the best Cantonese food in town, with cheong fun to die for and an excellent traditional shu mai that there’s always a line around the block for. For all you boba lovers, there are multiple boba stalls around this tiny restaurant, including The Alley, the Hong Kong equivalent of our Californian RareTea.

Shopping and lunch to refuel at Central District

Ride the Star Ferry to a Hong Kong-only experience! Located in Central District, the Li Yuen Street Market, also called the Lanes of Central, contains several small alleys filled with tiny shops selling brand knockoffs, if you choose to purchase them at your own discretion — as well as cute, cheap jewelry. If you came to Hong Kong with the intent to shop, this is the place for you!

After you’ve emptied your wallet with all that shopping, fill that empty stomach with some authentic Indian food at Bombay Dreams, which offers a good deal on an unlimited brunch buffet! With a plethora of appetizers, main courses and desserts, this restaurant lives up to its name by giving you food worthy of dreams.

A scenic sunset and coffee from Victoria Peak

If you thought the view from Victoria Harbour was mind-blowing, finish your day at dusk at the Peak, where you’ll get a view of the whole city lit up by the setting sun, and grab a coffee from Pacific Coffee to top it all off! This Hong Kong chain does some of the best coffee in town and is incredibly popular with the locals so they can get their fix up.

While it’s impossible to get the full Hong Kong experience in a day, this short jaunt around town can quickly give you the vibe of the city. If you’re ever in town, cover these spots for the quick and succinct contemporary tour!

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